What if the American Idol judges were all Simpsons?

Here’s what the American Idol judges, and host Ryan Seacrest, look like Simpsons-style.

In an upcoming episode of the animated sitcom, Moe Syzslak is invited to join the panel because of his unique ability to sort the chaff from the wheat.

“Judge Me Tender” is the season finale airing on May 23rd in the US -both are FOX shows.

Vote 1 Moe to replace Simon Cowell?


  1. The last 2 seasons have been the best in the last 10 years for sure, however theyre still nowhere near as brilliant as they were in the 90s…….. But I will miss it when it does eventually go…

  2. Just leave it alone guys, we got to enjoy it in its prime during the 90s, now let the younger generation enjoy the show too, with the more 21st century, relatable story lines and type of humour. I too hope its around for many more years.

  3. Remember when guest appearances on the Simpsons were satirical and funny, rather than shameless cross-promotion. The Simpsons died in about 1999. Stop flogging the corpse, Fox.

  4. A message to the Simpsons Creators: Please let the series rest in peace. It’s been without substance and humour for so long now that the more episodes and seasons you do, the more it takes away from the memories the show made when running in the 90s.

  5. I like how they look, especially Randy. Both Ellen and Simon Cowell have already been on Simpsons. Ellen appeared with Anne Heche briefly in the episode “Beyond Blunderdome” as Marge and the kids were on a tour of Hollywood. Simon Cowell played a judge at a Pre-Nursery School in the episode “Smart and Smarter”.

  6. I love how Ellen Looks! Hilarious can’t wait to see it. No matter what anyone says The Simpsons can still do a great parody and they have the clout to actually get the real voices/actors!

  7. The American Idol special feature on the DVD of The Simpsons Movie is great. It’ll end probably being better then the episode.

    @AA, there’s buckley’s that TEN will air this before the end of 2010.

  8. They did a couple of parodies of American Idol already..

    -> ‘A star is Torn
    ..and not forgetting the Special Features on the DVD in The Simpsons Movie.

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