Wil Anderson on Chelsea, Lately (again)

Attention, Gold Logie nominees. Get yourself onto Chelsea, Lately (we’re lookin’ at you Paul McDermott, Shaun Micallef and Adam Hills).

That’s where Rove and Wil Anderson have been popping up recently.

Anderson now has his third appearance on the show this week, which will air on E! tomorrow night at 10:30pm. Also on the show are veteran actor Ed Asner, comedian Josh Wolf and comedian Loni Love.

The ABC star has just finished a season of Wilful Misconduct at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and his third season of The Gruen Transfer is coming back to ABC1 in June.


  1. Chelsea is hilarious. Get her to the Logies with Rove and Wil to do the Real Red Carpet show – now That would be entertaining! Would just love to see the three of them bag the s**t out of our D-Lister’s…

  2. It was shown here last night, unfortunately all Will’s quips fell flat very much like Rove when he guested. Will was eaten alive by the black lady comedienne.

  3. So Will Anderson actually has some comedy material? Never heard him say anything to funny, to get him on a show three times really gives me an idea about the “quality television” produced by E

  4. Oh great! It’s bad enough we have to put up with Rove and his pathetic attempts at humour but now this drop kick as well. Way to ruin a great show.

  5. freaking Love Chelsea Lately.
    Rove was hilarious on it! Putting him on the roundtable with Loni Love was comedy gold!

    ….. yeah, not a Wil Anderson fan so i hope Loni or Josh stands out. hahahaha.

  6. @ Nathan. Each to their own taste in comedian’s ‘cos I just love him and find him to have great wit.

    Bring on The Gruen Transfer. Missed most of Series One because I took notice of pps who didn’t like it. Now I look forward to Season Three.

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