AFL live into Melbourne

As viewers (and sometimes even the AFL) keep screaming for live games on air, Seven Melbourne will this week show the Collingwood versus Geelong match live from 7.30pm.

“Friday night’s Collingwood versus Geelong fixture has presented us with a unique opportunity this week for a big TV event as first plays second in front of a massive MCG crowd,” said Channel 7 Melbourne General Manager Lewis Martin.

The two teams hold the first and second place on the AFL ladder and both have big fanbases.

Better Homes and Gardens, which normally causes the game to be shown in delay, witll air at 6:30pm on Saturday instead. Seven had planned to screen the premiere movie Nim’s Island at that time.

Update: it will now air the movie at 7:30pm with You Only Live Twice at 9:30pm etc.

Seven advises the game remains 8:30 in Per / Ade.

The Seven broadcast will be hosted by Bruce McAvaney, with commentary from Dennis Cometti, Leigh Matthews, Tom Harley, and Tim Watson.


  1. Why isn’t it live on one of the zillion channels in NSW (northern) – madness!

    We can’t even watch it on Pay TV until 11pm !!! Can’t believe it – major game of the year and nobody seems to give a rats in the offices of these stations that program these programs – French random TV and motorsports and Warren Miller ski movie….. pleeeeeeze get with the program!

    Go Pies !

  2. snapper jack

    don’t worry this game won’t be live for long. By the time 7 stuffs 4 or 5 commercials between goals it will be a massive time lapse before the final siren goes. Adds about an hour lag to the match. I hate ch 7 and can’t wait for the new rights war for AFL

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