AFL live into Melbourne

As viewers (and sometimes even the AFL) keep screaming for live games on air, Seven Melbourne will this week show the Collingwood versus Geelong match live from 7.30pm.

“Friday night’s Collingwood versus Geelong fixture has presented us with a unique opportunity this week for a big TV event as first plays second in front of a massive MCG crowd,” said Channel 7 Melbourne General Manager Lewis Martin.

The two teams hold the first and second place on the AFL ladder and both have big fanbases.

Better Homes and Gardens, which normally causes the game to be shown in delay, witll air at 6:30pm on Saturday instead. Seven had planned to screen the premiere movie Nim’s Island at that time.

Update: it will now air the movie at 7:30pm with You Only Live Twice at 9:30pm etc.

Seven advises the game remains 8:30 in Per / Ade.

The Seven broadcast will be hosted by Bruce McAvaney, with commentary from Dennis Cometti, Leigh Matthews, Tom Harley, and Tim Watson.


  1. I’d say BHG 7:30pm Tuesdays for 30-35 minutes as it did until recently. It now has 1hr and some presenter telling us to come back later for the end results. The only things they finish in a segment are cooking and pets!. If they were cut to 30-35 minutes, they might be able to show 7:30Opener Gardening7:35. pets7:40 ad7:43
    Crafts and art7:48, DIY/carpentry7:53 ad7:56 food8:01. Then something else. It could pave the way for a live game on Friday and MC could start seeing red over other programming choices. By the way if Melbourne did see the 4 FTA games live last weekend or rnd8 it’s because they were all interstate and Melbourne based matches are always delayed in Melbourne. Its the AFL boss who says what games are live. He won’t have many Melbourne games live unless they have a status like ‘Blockbuster’; ‘Interstate’; “Sell out’ or ‘Some special event like Anzac Day’.

  2. @DansDans here is hte linky –>

    Adding to my Cold day in hell list

    – Mark Webber winning!

  3. Just another anti Vicar of Dibley rant, the wasteland is Fridays @ 8:30pm and Sundays from 3:00pm on seven. Reinstate BHG at its established timeslot.

  4. @JB I’m with you. I’m so over this arrogance – and 7 is the worst. Memo ch7: AFL is followed in cities other than Melbourne. Geez I hope Conroys staff monitor these blogs.

  5. Once again WA has to wait until the game is over before 7 even starts the broadcast. It is time the AFL allow WA viewers the ability to watch Friday games live on Foxtel, like they do for NSW and QLD. Several years of sub-standard efforts by 7 in WA, is not only alienating viewers, but must be causing great embarrasment to the AFL bosses who messed up the current rights agreement. How they could not forsee that 7 would consistently start Friday games after they have finished, in a “football state” is beyond belief.

  6. i think the networks are going to one day need to show AFL games live. They are up against the Internet – with live updated scores and worst, live streams of AFL games.

  7. It’s obvious that ch7 don’t care about the Adelaide & Perth fans that don’t get to see it live. You would think that they would get a better TV audience if it was live, but who are we, just the poor suckers that suffer every friday night when we have to wait until 8.30pm to see a game of football.

  8. hopefully this will become a new trend. also did anyone realise that all 4 games shown over the weekend were live? i think its the first time thats ever happened.

  9. It’s not fair to anyone. If the only game live is, in the terms of AFL ‘ A blockbuster’ or ‘sellout’ or ‘interstate’, then it suggesting the regular game without ‘blockbuster’ title is always to be delayed. Never get your hopes up on these things, it was probably going to go delayed if they were miles apart on the ladder! Remember the Saturday game from Canberra, it was live and well it could have been delayed, considering it interrupted a one off Australian Record. But then TEN wouldn’t have the AFL making a war dance over a game. It’s all in the AFL and the networks can’t do much.

  10. If I didn’t have access to Foxtel’s live coverage into NSW (via the Main Event channel), I wouldn’t have seen one live Friday AFL game this season. Whatever 7 in Melbourne might be doing, it’s pretty much guaranteed that 7/Prime across the rest of the country won’t be following suite. Mind you, Nine was no better when they had Friday night games.

  11. I thougt live afl matches were a given for afl teritory, I just can’t believe seven normally better homes priority! Ten would never do such a thing.

  12. If I was Seven Melbourne, I would have put BHG on Thursday at 7:30 rather than Saturday. Surely it would have done better than Vicar of Dibley. Seven’s Thursday night is a real wasteland at them moment.

  13. It’s about time, Seven should show live Friday Night Footy every week, because showing it on delay at 8.30pm means the game doesn’t finish until around 11.30pm, way to late.

  14. 1) I’ll be interested to see what 7 in the other ‘AFL States’ does.

    2) Could someone tell Lewis Martin that the game on Friday 14 May was also first against second; in front of a massive Subiaco crowd – and his network failed to show that live. Pathetic.

  15. Great news for Melbourne fans, but what about the rest of the country? I bet Adelaide (90 Minute Delay) and Perth (3 hour delay) fans will still have to suffer from 7’s arrogance.

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