Airdate: Crash Course

GO! will air the ABC (US) game show Crash Course in June in which teams of two drive an obstacle course competing for a ‘golden steering wheel and $50,000.’

Hosted by Orlando Jones and Dan Cortese, just seven eps were produced although only three made it to air.

In a brand new reality series, five two-member teams compete in extreme driving-course challenges, such as “Slip Sliding Away”, “Catch Me if You Can”, “Car Dominoes”, as “Car Bowling”, “Roof Slide”, “Tow Tow your Boat”, “Car Bocce,” “Pop It Like Its Hot” and “and “Giant Vehicle Parking” with the final two teams battling it out on the final “Crash Course”.

One for Wipeout fans? It airs 7:30 Wednesday June 2 on GO! as Chuck moves to 8:30pm.


  1. Richard Connell

    Why show this kind of show? Young people these days have enough to distract them. What is it with young people thses days anyhow?

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