ARIA Awards return to TEN

After just one year on the Nine Network, the ARIA Awards are returning to TEN.

TEN has signed a multi-year deal with the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) sign off on a multi year deal which will see the music industry’s premier night resume a long partnership with the network this year.

David Mott, Chief Programming Officer said: “What can we say, we missed each other and our time apart highlights the fact that this kind of close partnership between ARIA and TEN is rare and yields excellent results for all involved.

“The TEN audience embraces and celebrates big event television and we are committed to giving our viewers another great event which celebrates unique Aussie talent – the ARIA Awards.”

Last year Nine hosted the event but received a disappointing reception for its event, co-hosted by Gyton Grantley and Kate Ritchie. TEN will broadcast the ARIAs post-Commonwealth Games, the event promises ‘a multitude of changes.’

ARIAs Ed St John said, “The ARIA Awards is the flagship event of the Australian music calendar – a celebration of all that is great and popular in local music. The TEN Network has been our loyal partner for many of our last 24 years and it’s an absolute thrill to be renewing our relationship once again. ARIA is grateful to everyone at TEN for their faith in the ARIAs and their belief in our future. I believe we’re going to make great TV together.

TEN revitalised the ARIAs under producers Roving Enterprises to a significant Red Carpet event. So far there is no indication who will produce the 2010 awards.

David Mott, added, “TEN has a long history of making exciting big event TV moments, from live Idol and Dance finales to last year’s incredibly popular MasterChef finale. We see the ARIA Awards in the same exact category. All I have to say is…be prepared for something more this year.”


  1. @ Dr. Rudi,

    I disagree about you thinking Hamish & Andy not knowing music, yeah– they are on radio, but everytime they interview an artist they have a knowledge on the person prior and seem like two guys that are into their music. Plus Andy lee co founded the band Zoophyte with his brother Cameron years ago and still occasionally joins in for a performance.

    They would be Great hosts for the ARIAS and fit in perfectly with both the main ARIA demographic and Channel 10 demographic.

  2. Andrew, there’s no H&A variety show right now, but I’m sure Ten will be looking for one to plug a hole in their schedule somewhere. Them hosting the ARIAs would be a big launching pad into a variety show.

  3. when ten did it a few yrs back and had pink on it was amazing! ten seem to do big events really well and dont hold back. Anyway arias dont really belong on 9 or 7 since they aim at older viewers

  4. ten did it on the cheap last time they had it and said at the end that it was too expensive to justify the poor ratings it gets so let 9 take the rights. with Australian music getting sadder every year what is going to change the case?

    sounds to me like ten just bought themselves a night of losses like 9 did last year. time for the ARIAs to go to cable.

  5. The ARIAs are rubbish and no one watches them. They are a joke, and I’m guessing 9 realised this and wouldn’t give ARIA what they wanted.

  6. Unless Micallef has a passion for and/or knoweldge of music, then no. Ditto Hamish and Andy (being on radio means nothing).

    Untried talent: Robert Forster. Knows music, writes well, could be okay in front of a camera.

    Known talent: Ruby Rose; Dylan Lewis; Rosie Beaton

  7. this is starting to become a pattern: Channel 10’s broadcasts bring some credibility back to the ARIA awards, Channel 9 then steal it and destroy the awards. Channel 10 takes it back again, builds it back up, Channel 9 then gets the rights and wrecks it. Channel 10 has now again regained broadcasting rights – any bet what will happen after this contract is up

  8. Nine has twice taken the ARIA’s from Ten and has twice done a poor job.

    I hope that Shaun Micallef does host it – although I can see Ten trying to push Hamish & Andy into the role so that the new H&A variety show (when it is bound to be unveiled) does start off with some big publicity.

  9. i also think shuan micallef would be the perfect host for the event

    or get a musician to host the event…get someone like vanessa amarossi or a band but make them australian though

    i think that’ll be a good idea as hosts

  10. Ah, so everyones ‘obsession’ with being on Ch 9 is starting to wear off now, huh? Hopefully it will wear off the AFL soon, too…

  11. Bruce Banner

    Channel 9 can’t do youth orientated TV, and the ARIA awards highlighted this… two actors in a crime show hosting a music awards ceremony? Huh?

  12. The ARIA must be regretting its deal with Channel Nine now. The ARIA Music Show has disappeared from Nine’s schedule without trace.

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