Audience tix: Minute to Win It

Seven’s new game show, Minute To Win It is looking for audience members in Sydney beginning next Friday.

In this US format, contestants must complete 10 challenges using everyday household items in order to win cash prizes. Each game has a one-minute time limit and escalates in difficulty. $1M is the top prize on offer.

Email [email protected] with your name, contact number and the number of people you are bringing. You can attend multiple records as well.

Tickets are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Venue: Fox Studios at Moore Park.
CALL TIME: 1200 noon

CALL TIME: 1200 noon

CALL TIME: 1200 noon

CALL TIME: 1200 noon

Please do not request tickets via TV Tonight.


  1. It will be aired (if approved) in a similiar timeslot to Australia’s Got Talent…

    So numbers from last night DOND 650,000 Hot Seat 620,000.. Those numbers transformed into 7News 1.45 mill, 9News 1.24 mill…

    Deal will be around for a long long time….

    More importantly Re this story,.. Why is this being Outsourced to fox studios when 7 have spent millions moving to a purpose built “media city” at Redfern.?

  2. i wonder if 7 sees this as the replacement for the marriage ref. this was announced about a week before rumous started that the marriage ref wasn’t going ahed. and i assume both shows came from a somewhat similar origin both being on NBC and linked to universal.

  3. If it’s anything like the US version it definitely won’t replace DOND. The only thing going for it is the sheer cheapness of the tasks.

    I bet 1 season max before if goes the way of Wipeout, Gladiators, Power of 10,Bingo Night, 1 vs 100…

    Shame they didn’t go with the UK’s much better version – The Cube!

  4. i wonder when this will air?
    could DOND be rested for a while, as it hasnt been performing well against Hot Seat these past few weeks?
    if its a 60min show, it should replace some of the 7.30 factuals on mon or wed

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