Auditions: Letters and Numbers

Another audition call from SBS and Shine Australia is for its upcoming new quiz show, Letters and Numbers.

The show is based on a highly popular French format Des chiffres et des lettres (Letters and Numbers). The UK version, Countdown, was the very first show ever broadcast on Channel Four in the UK in 1982 and is still on air.

Contestants will pit their alphabetical and mathematical knowledge against each other and the clock.

If you excel at solving anagrams and pride yourself on your numerical agility this could be the show for you. Contestants must be 16 years of age or older to apply.

Not sure if there is a prize on this one….

To register your interest in appearing as a contestant, email your full name, address and daytime contact number to: [email protected]


  1. Having never been able to do a crossword but desperate for a brain work-out as there are None on TV now except “It’s Academic” I decided I had to give it a shot & surprised myself, not so much with the numbers which I am reasonable with, but with the letters and strangely enough finding if I don’t write them down but simply view them on the screen I do very well, even getting the conundrum on 2 occassions when the contestants didn’t; does that mean I should apply as a contestant?

  2. peta nightingale

    in tonights episode, the target number was 787, with the use of these numbers: 75,50, 25 5,3, and3. this is the solution i worked out. 75 times (50+3)=3975. subtract 25=3950 divide by 5=790, and subtract the remaining3 getting the target number of 787.

  3. Hi!

    A few weeks ago, the computer picked the number 812 to calculate out as and the numbers were 25, 50, 75, 1,2,3 and no-one was able to work it out. Did anyone figure the equation out? I have been trying ever since and haven’t been able to work it out. I will keep trying but if anyone has already worked it out that reads this it would be terrific to share that and put my mind out of its puzzlement! Thanks!

  4. What a waste of taxpayers money on numberwang by SBS! It wont work like that ADBC rubbish they tried and squiz which was very average!

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