Bear Grylls filming in Oz

Tough guy ‘Bear’ Grylls is currently filming an episode of Man Vs Wild on Murray Island, the most eastern of the Torres Strait islands. The episode is one of two filmed in Australia.

A second location has not been revealed.

Grylls will be swimming through crocodile-infested waters and stranding himself on a remote island as he tries to survive in the Torres Strait.

Horn Island tour guide Liberty Seekee told Cairns Post, “He’s going to jump out of a helicopter, swim for a couple of miles and climb a rockface on the side of a hill — that sort of stuff.

“He’s going to be out at Murray Island, and he’s got a dozen crew with him.

“They follow him around and leave him there overnight.”

But veteran survivalist Les “Bush Tucker Man” Hiddins has questioned so-called tough environmental conditions Grylls will be facing, saying food and water is easy to find there.

“The Torres Strait islands have a whole range of vegetation,” he said.

“You’ve got all the protein in the world that you could want with all the fish and crayfish and the oysters and mudcrabs and all the rest of it.

“It should be a walk in the park but he’ll dramatise it, I’ll imagine.”

Seeke agreed with the plentiful vegetation saying, “There’s about 600 coconuts out there, so you wouldn’t have to dig for water, you’d only need to drink coconut water.”

Bear Grylls has become one of SBS’ most popular weekly shows since being screened on Monday nights.


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  1. Grylls is soon to become “Chief Scout” in the UK, it was anounced by the Scout Association.

    He is an excellent roe model to stop the trend to fat lazy kids who get driven to school and sit around with an XBox rather than getting excited by life!

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    It must just be me then, because I don’t find these “I’m a hero” programs to be either entertaining or particularly informative.

    Grylls, Nigel Marvin, Steve bloody Irwin are all cut from the same mold. Their shows seem to be mostly about them artificially establishing situations where they can be seen to pit themselves against and dominate animals or the environment.

    Completely agree about the treatment of the animals and apparent waste of good food.

  3. @Ash – I totally agree with you. I wasn’t condoning the killing of animals and hate that Bear values them so little as to not make full use of the ones he’s killed.
    I saw the episode you’re referring to and found myself yelling at the TV in revulsion for exactly the reasons you’ve outlined. It’s certainly not pleasant viewing but it is more interesting than 99% of TV offerings at the moment.

  4. @steve, yeah its really impressive how he kills multiple animals in a short period, takes one bite for the camera, and leaves the rest to rot. In one recent episode he killed an alligator, an enormous catfish and a snake all in one day, taking only a few bits of each and leaving the rest behind. Such a waste.

    If he feels the need to kill them for his “survival” it would be nice if he could do so humanely (at least using his knife rather than eating them alive, as he’s often done with frogs and fish) and eat the majority of the meat.

  5. This is an amazing show – I know it’s probably a bit ‘produced’ but there’s nothing fake about his chowing down on spiders, maggots and scorpions.
    And his descriptions: “it’s like eating a rubber bag full of of three-day old pus”!
    And he chews with his front teeth and lips apart so you can see the guts burst out and the legs and feelers twitching!
    Almost lost my lunch when he drank his own pee out of a bag he made from the skin of a rattlesnake he’d killed with a stick!
    Let’s see Les Hiddins do that!

  6. Watching a clash between Les Hiddins and Bear would make for great TV. I’d like to see them both dropped into a mystery location and see who survives after weeks in the wild. My money would be on Les.

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