Bed of Roses 3 filming

Filming starts this week on a third series of the ABC’s Bed of Roses.

Returning to the series are Kerry Armstrong, Julia Blake, Hanna Mangan-Lawrence, Jay Laga’aia, Caroline Gillmer, Kaarin Fairfax and Andrew S. Gilbert.

In a statement ABC says the third season will see  that ‘Louisa Atherton (Kerry Armstrong) has finally found her place in the town of Rainbow’s End. Now 50-something, Louisa’s life finally seems to be on track; she is head over heels in love; she is the proud new co-owner of the Echo newspaper; and is managing to negotiate her affectionate, if often exasperating family.’

Head of ABC TV Drama Miranda Dear said, “Bed of Roses has captivated audiences with its humour and heart. The third series is an engaging look at a family of three generations of women dealing with the challenges of love, loss and exam results!”

Producer Mark Ruse added, “We are thrilled the ABC has commissioned this new series which has found a strong and loyal audience. The series traces the adventures, trials and tribulations of a group of wonderful Australian characters that inhabit Louisa’s (Kerry Armstrong) world in Rainbows End.”

Additional writers will join the creators, Jutta Goetze and Elizabeth Coleman. They are Deborah Parsons, Max Dann, David Hannam, Ysabelle Dean, John Reeves, Josephine Dee Barrett and Ellie Beaumont.

Directing are Ted Emery (Bed of Roses, Kath & Kim, Micallef), David Cameron (City Homicide, SeaChange) and Daina Reid (I Love You Too, City Homicide, Very Small Business).

Twelve episodes will be filmed over five months in regional Victoria, Melbourne and at the ABC TV studios, Ripponlea.


  1. Well I’m not from Aus, actually from South Africa. I watched the program from episode 2 of season 1 because I found my mum watching it, and it’s actually a very good show. Funny enough with season 2 we got it a few months before everyone in Aus, would not mind it happening again like that 😉

  2. Yay! So happy that one of my favourite shows will be coming back for another season. The final show of series 2 was fantastic and I can’t wait for series 3. Thanks to ABC and Film Victoria for investing in a local series.
    P.S. I suggest that Ronnie should just change the channel although he/she does seem rather invterested in the series given the detail of their post …!

  3. Awesome! I’ve actually been missing it on saturday nights. This show is real comfort food and can we please have some more aussie series’ like this and East of Everything?

  4. Very happy we are getting a third series,really enjoyed series 1&2.A very talented group of actors.l love foward to new series.

  5. Nice to see more Australian actors in work. In the last two – three years there has been an influx of new Aussie drama and many of them getting a second and third season. Let’s hope it continues.

  6. When does the ABC’s new Head of Fiction get started? They sure do have a huge job ahead of them. BORing represents a new low for the ABC in many ways and commissioning another 12 episodes is simply ridiculous. There is nowhere for this series to go. The ABC drama commissioning crowd need to join the 21st century and leave this soft and soapy muck behind.Note to new head of ABC drama : there are 40 & 50 year old women out there doing really interesting things with their lives, with class, style and grace that warrant dramatisation. (Is there an award for the most inappropriately dressed woman on TV?).

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