Bobby Andonov at Junior Eurovision

15 year old Australia’s Got Talent favourite Bobby Andonov represented Macedonia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

He was placed fifth with his song “Prati mi SMS” (Send Me an SMS).

He also appeared as ‘Simba’ in The Lion King production.

According to his Wikipedia listing, Andonov (real name Bobi) is widely seen as the “New Toše” and is well known for his performance of the song Life, performed by the late ethnic Macedonian star Toše Proeski at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.

But neither the Melbourne-born Andonov nor Australia’s Got Talent have broken any rules by his inclusion, as the show has no rules on professional engagements. Another of its contestants in dance troupe Justice Crew was a contender for So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

Andonov’s official website however doesn’t list his Junior Eurovision appearance on his Biography.

A number of songs by Andonov are also viewable at YouTube.

Source: Sunday Telegraph

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  1. @ Mac,

    I have macedonian citizenship but was also born in Australia. The only requirement is that you can prove that your parents or grandparents were born in Macedonia, so once they dig out their birth certificates in Macedonia they register their children to be citizens based on internation law. Just means they are dual citizens of Australia and Macedonia (ethnic country of origin) – obviously the kid is an aussie, born and breed like the rest of us australian macedonians.

    Think the media wants to make something out of it, for ratings and all, if it was going to be really negative on the show why would channel 7 show it and shoot themselves in the foot when AGT is aired on that channel. Obvioulsy no rules were broken many of the consetants have had training or a professionals.

  2. As far as I know,there is a big populatin in Austalia who does have two nationalities.It’s not a big deal.I’m sure that he love the country where he lives same as Macedonia.He is born there and your country give him that what Macedonia didn’t.He is a great singer and i love him the way he is.I don’t care what the newspapers say.

  3. I’m sure he was hoping for less visibility to be more of an “unknown”/underdog on AGTalent. He dodged (poorly) the question when he was asked where he learnt to sing and was outed on the current affairs show and then his music coach spin doctored the answer (given he sings there 5+ days a week and performed stage shows). What’s next John Farnham appearing as a contestant?

    They may be kids but they are just fodder promoted by agents and then the media companies to drain the wallets of kids & parents. There are plenty of telented kids out there (check out Youtube yourself rather than waiting for ACA/TT to do fill-in fodder segments) who aren’t media produced and deserve recognition.

  4. Australian, talented and hasn’t broken any rule. What’s the problem?

    And it was never a secret. I see that Bobby’s Facebook page has a whole gallery of his Eurovision appearance.

    Some people’s reactions are typical of a disturbing trend for adults to attack kids. They think just because it’s anonymous and they’re online, they can say anything about anyone. They think they’re clever and funny but really they’re not. I don’t particularly like Justin Bieber or Bindi Irwin but it does make me sick to see what people write about them. They’re kids for chrissakes. And you’re probably not their target audience anyway.

    From what little I’ve seen of this dreadful show, Bobby is head and shoulders above everyone else so good luck to him.

  5. There have been a number of Aussies performing at EV over the years, it’s up to each nation who / how they choose.

    Akunak not every story here will be serious news. Any news on a Sunday is a bit of a bonus.

  6. does anyone know the requirements to represent a country in eurovision, andonov was was born in australia, is he also citizen of Macedonia, or has he spend some time living there? don’t get me wrong i’m not being critical i’m just curious, @ Tong h. i see no reason why he should not be able to be in Australia’s got talent, even though he represented Macedonia he was born in australia, so he is australian.

  7. So Australia doesn’t have talent. Macedonia does. Judging by the ads Seven have already picked the winner. Me thinks they want Australia’s very own Bieber.

  8. I saw on Today Tonight the other day, he said on Juniou Eurovision he represented his “home country of Macedonia” !!!!!!!!! Should the show be renamed Macedonia’s Got Talent”? Makes as much sense as soemone saying Brian Mcfadyen has Talent.

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