CBS picks up Hawaii Five-0 remake

CBS has picked up the remake of the Hawaii Five-O, starring Alex O’Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim. The news comes despite some speculation it would not proceed.

Based on the show that aired from 1968 to 1980, the new version will centre on Steve McGarrett, (O’Loughlin) who heads a police division in Hawaii that reports directly to the governor. Heading up the writing team is Peter Lenkov (CSI: New York) with Fringe and Alias producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman behind it.

For O’Loughlin, whose former vehicles Moonlight and Three Rivers were not successful, will it be a case of third time lucky? Meanwhile Lost‘s Daniel Dae Kim is set for more work in Hawaii.

CBS also picks up new legal drama Defenders starring Jim Belushi and Tanya Fischer (Life on Mars) as two charismatic and fiery Las Vegas defense attorneys.

Blue Bloods, about three generations of an Irish Catholic family who are all involved in law enforcement in New York City, is also picked up with an impressive cast including Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Flex Alexander, Bridget Moynahan and Len Cariou. The series is written by Southland writers Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green.

The awkwardly titled $#*! My Dad Says starring William Shatner is also approved. The series is based on material by Twitter phenomenon Justin Halpern with Ryan Devlin (Cougar Town) as the young lead opposite Shatner as the opinionated father and central character. Sitcom veteran James Burrows directed the pilot, which is reassuring.

The Criminal Minds spinoff starring Forrest Whitaker also gets a pick-up, although is not clear when the network will debut the series.

CBS had already ordered one comedy, Mike & Molly, executive produced by Chuck Lorre.

The network’s complete Fall schedule will be announced shortly.

Source: LA Times, Hollywood Reporter


  1. Sandra Fegan

    Moonlight was successful. It’s still bringing in viewers on it’s re-run. People on fansites are still writing stories to compliment it. Forums are still up and active. When it was shown on pay TV even more fans came on-board all told about 8000 fans, not just Alex fans but Moonlight fans. The problem was disagreements between big wigs of the programme. When the series finished all the cast thought they would be back for season 2. Three Rivers, I liked it. Back up Plan (movie) loved it. Good luck with H50.

  2. Alex you’re all good, very sexy, super talented and deserves to be recognized worldwide, I hope this time everything goes well and you reach stardom, a super kiss, I’m rooting for you. I Love you.

  3. I would have cast Alex as Danno. He is too young to play Steve McGarrett. I wish him good luck in H5O and hope that CBS gives this show a fair go and not can it after a few episodes. Hopefully they give it a decent time slot this time. If this show gets cancelled like Moonlight ( which never should have been axed) and Three Rivers then Alex should give CBS the arse, they haven’t really helped his career.
    Alex deserves better.

  4. Making the lead character the son of Steve McGarrett was an idea that Ed Bernero thought up a while back, but obviously CBS wasn’t keen on that and they hired Orci and Kurtzman to devise a re-imagining of the original series with the original characters. They will be played very differently to the original, and the show will have a different feel to it as well.

    As for Alex O’Loughlin being too young to play the part, they have made a very realistic reason for his being the head of a task force, and the character has the experience necessary because he’s playing a former Navy Seal and intelligence officer.

  5. I’m a bit concerned about Alex O’Loughlin being a too young to play the head of Five-O – they should have tried to get someone a few years older (i.e. someone in their late 30s or 40s) to give the character the experience they need for a job like this. However I will check it out just in case O’Loughlin makes it work.

    The other actors look like good choices.

  6. I know they considered H5O a shoe in, it’s still wonderful to hear officially that CBS has given it the go a head……. Alex will make a wonderful Steve McGarrett.

  7. CBS: The channel for old men and crime junkies. Even though Moonlight was no Angel, another season would still be better than yet another procedural…even though it was something of a procedural itself

  8. I really wish Alex O’Loughlin good luck. Just look at fellow Aussie Anna Torv, who finally found fame with sci-fi drama Fringe after many unsuccessful attempts in Australia, UK and the US.

  9. I hope Hawaii Five-0 works for Alex.

    Been checking out some of the new shows and there looks like some good ones coming but the guessing game starts as to when they will show up here and if they will last in the US.

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