Dead Gorgeous: Pilot

If you stumbled onto this clip on YouTube (as some fans have done) you might think you were seeing double, with this British pilot for Dead Gorgeous.

It’s a dead ringer for the Australian kid’s production in which 3 girls interact as ghosts in a modern-day private school. The ABC-BBC series has recently finished a run on ABC1.

In this clip almost everything is identical, save for different actors and different location.

The clip is from a 2003 pilot for an earlier British version before the ABC and BBC got involved. It had a different set up to the current series too.

The Australian version, which included Blake Davis, Gerry Connolly, Julie Forsythe and even Tim Campbell, seems to have attracted quite a bit of love from fans online, who are desperate for a second season.

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  1. I’m ashamed to say that i for some reason like dead gorgeous.

    It kinda takes me back a bit to the spellbinder/ocean girl/girl from tomorrow series from my childhood.

    I only watched it cause there was nothing else on iView and i took a random stab and was surprised that i liked it.

    I was puzzled when i hadn’t seen any on iView last week, it would have been nice for iView to mention it was the final ep for the season.

    I think the ABC-BBC version is much better than that one, i didn’t want to waste all my bandwidth and time watching the whole the second clip though so only watched a bit of it.

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