Double Ugly Betty

From next week Ugly Betty is getting double episodes on 7TWO.

The show had been on at 7:30pm Tuesdays, then moved to 6:30pm.

As of May 25 it stays at 6:30pm but with double episodes.

Situation Critical
is now out.


  1. what happend to last weeks ugly betty the one where she saves Danial from the cult
    cause this weeks double there talking about it and i have missed it can some one tell me if i missed it

    thanks \

  2. Mydoona, it has been at 6.30pm for two weeks now, last week was a double episode. The episodes should still be available on the plus7 catch up site for another week or so.

  3. Oh crap..when did Betty move to 6.30pm? my playtv was taping it but obviously isn’t smart enough to know whats its taping so I guess I have a few weeks of crap to delete and missed Betty.

  4. That sux. They’re making it impossble to keep following shows if they keep swapping timeslots and overloading us with double episodes.

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