FIXPlay to get retro

FIXPlay is promising to add classic TV shows including old Hey Hey eps but still has shows from last week to be added.

Nine’s new catch-up portal FIXPlay will be adding vintage television shows for viewing online, which is good news.

Titles will include Thunderbirds, Skippy, old episodes of Hey Hey and more.

So far the site has enjoyed 710,000 streams of Underbelly in its six-week life.

“We’re way ahead of schedule of what we would have expected in the first few weeks,” director of content and audience experience Todd Forest said.

But there are still some teething problems with delivery.

Corrected: Last week’s episodes of Underbelly, Sea Patrol, The Big Bang Theory, Fringe and Who Do You Think You Are? and Hey Hey it’s Saturday are all available online. But Fringe (Wednesday) or Gossip Girl (Thursday) or last night’s V are not added.

Other titles promised at the launch still haven’t been uploaded including Spooks, Torchwood, Day of the Triffids, Primeval and more.

The site indicates it is still in BETA mode.

Source: Herald Sun

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  1. Maybe Nine is hoping to build a new audience for HHIS, rather than just hoping that people in their late 20s and up will tune in? No, the jokes aren’t as funny when you hear them 10 years down the track, but what about those who have never heard them? I’m not just talking about younger people – Australia has a lot more people who were born overseas living here now and for them, the jokes aren’t old.

    Does *anyone* know how much bandwidth these “catch up” facilities use??

  2. ….And don’t forget – Shirl’s Neighborhood, Simon Townsend’s Wonderworld, Agro’s Cartoon Connection (minus the cartoons)

    Ah I could go on and on. So many classics gathering dust in the archives that need to be revived.

    Perfect Match, Pot of Gold, New Faces, Ernie and Denise, Now you See It, C’mon Kids, Ridgey Didge……….

  3. I’m in agreement as well, would love to see some of those old gameshows and anything else the network has made over the years. Much better than any of the current stuff, bring it on!

  4. It will be hilarious when the commercial channels realise that there is more interest in the the nostagia of watching their old shows than watching their current ones.

    I bet a rerun of HHIS would get at least two-thirds the audience of the current show if not more (because the jokes were funnier the first few times around).

  5. @ aussietv – i couldn’t agree more especially about it being on fta tv. old game shows from the 70’s and 80’s would be great. the abc does a fantastic job with retro jan lets see the commercial chs do something similar.

  6. Just out of interest, how much bandwidth do these “catch up” sites use? What sort of connection do you need to watch a show without it being jumpy etc.? I live in a major city, but my suburb doesn’t even have ADSL2, so I’m stuck with regular broadband (512k). My parents (who live 10 minutes away) have 1.5mbps and they pay less per month than I do for their access. Lucky me! 🙂

  7. Any retro Australian television will be welcome on Fixplay! Well done to all involved in this decision. Great news. Would love to see these shows on free to air in the future too, possibly GO!? Don’t forget game shows would be highly entertaining on fixplay too – old episodes of super market sweep, sale of the century, early 80s price is right, daryl’s family feud, daryl’s blankety blanks and some lost gem’s from the 60s and 70s too. And the Daryl Somers Show! The possibilities are endless. Countdown does so well for Rage in Jan, lets make retro TV accessible all year round! Channel 10 take note for your new channels – young talent time, it’s a knockout, the early bird show!

    1. Thanks Ron. Apologies I made an error in the Hey Hey note, although it doesn’t have all the eps from this season. I have corrected copy accordingly. It still needs a quicker delivery of shows to be made available if it wants to match other networks. Thanks for letting me know re Hey Hey.

  8. What fantastic news!! You can’t find classic Hey Hey eps anywhere so this is awesome. Any news when the classic tv will be available?

  9. Alex. They’ve had DVD releases. They probably think that is most likely enough.

    Regarding Spooks and Torchwood. Didn’t Nine buy them out? Much like they did with Top Gear?

  10. Yeah, it is a bummer about Fringe and recent Hey Hey. I’ve heard many comments from people asking where can they watch Hey Hey online as this missed it on Wednesday and the Fixplay site doesn’t even have them up like I thought they would.

    That and Fringe… I went to Fixplay to watch the last episode of Fringe due to missing it (as I was either watching Hey Hey or recording Lost) and I couldn’t find Fringe online there.

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