Gone (again): Benidorm

Seven has dumped Benidorm effective immediately.

The show, which had been playing in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth was due to end its first season next Thursday but is now replaced with Criminal Minds repeats.

Last night it pulled 411,000 viewers in the three cities. The primary share for Channel Seven last night was third behind Nine and TEN.

Week 22


  1. Finally there was a show with that actally made me laugh and it was pulled only after a couple of episodes. It was a nice change from all of the criminal shows that are on. I agree with one of the other comments, no wonder there are sicko”s out there killing or hurting innocent people when there all there is on tv are murder shows. Please put it on 7TWO!!

  2. What a load of [email protected] We’ve been looking forward to watching this show all week, only to have it taken off by yet another uptight prude. If you don’t like the show – just don’t watch it…. while the rest of us do!

  3. I don’t usually watch channel seven but when I saw that Benidorm was on Thursdays I tuned in only to see it axed after a couple of episodes.I have ordered the series from the UK and can’t wait to watch it all.Channel seven never again.

  4. with the programming controlled by people with mouths like cats bums, we will never get sustained quality that the ABC and SBS spoils us with.
    Needless violence and dull mindless sitcom will always win out with the commercial mind numbing propaganda tripe. What was I thinking when I said, wow 7 has lifted.

  5. Well I have always had trouble finding something I like to watch on 7.I finally found it an award winning show, and typically 7 axes it! I should have known better. You’ve lost my vote once again!

  6. Really upset, no warning , who decides to pull a show after hyping it up for so long. this really sucks. No wonder ther are so many depressed poeple around, crime after crime shows. You wouldn’t want to many poeple to laugh, finally a show that did exactly that. not happy Jan !!!!

  7. Finallly a show with english humour i can laugh at, not happy at all, you pump the show up leading up to it, show us a few episodes, then leave us hanging. This sucks , not happy Jan !!!!!. put it on 7two, it will be watched.

  8. Sherrill Wright

    You lose my viewing now Channel 7, yet another show you have pulled with no warning. Remember – we are not American and do not need yet another “Criminal” show. Criminal in more ways than one

  9. Mick from south-west Vic

    What the hell is going on? This show is just as it is over there, and takes the piss out of the poms without us Australians even trying. Seven has no sense of adventure. Finally a show that wasn’t a crime drama or involved a bloody hospital, and the bastards scrap it!

  10. Disappointed

    What a shame ! Great to have a double bill of Comedy, Vicar Of Dibley then Benidorm. Why bother airing the show in the first place!!???

  11. GodsavetheQueen

    God knows what is happening to Australia…we are just turning into an outpost of F grade American shows instead of embracing *Real* satirical comedy such as Benidorm…….

    At the end of the day, its all about money for Channel 7..

    Abc wouldnt have done this…

  12. franz chong

    They still show the TV Guide as Benidorm From 8:45 to 9:45pm Thursdays.I would hate to find out during the Morning news that the evening line up has been changed

    I really do wish Channel 7 gave these shows a fair chance. Not all of us are into Gleeor Sea Patrol in the same time slot.

    Though to be fair American Sitcoms such as How i Met Your Mother following Vicar of Dibley would be an improvement

  13. franz chong

    back to SBS cooking shows If I happen to be home early for Thursdays Now. To be fair though honestly a Double How i met your Mother would have done much better here.IF A show like that can do really well ratings wise filling the gap while Home and Away is off for the summer 5 nights a week just imagine what bringing it back after vicar of dibley will do.

  14. Doubt Crim Minds will do any better. The night is a mess for Seven, and they would be better off trying to get some of the (younger) viewers back who are switching to GO! when Glee finishes at 9.10pm. HIMYM would do quite well there, it has rated over a million in the past. Shame they wasted Amazing Race by playing in doubles, as it usually does alot better than 550k as well.

  15. Should never have been on in the first place. And while i love Criminal Minds, and haven’t seen many fo the repeat episodes they’ve been showing, first run episodes of Cougar Town, HIMYM, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock shoudl be shown. And Amazing Race needs a better timeslot.

  16. Typical of television stations today, I have given up trying to watch anything on them and now stick with DVDs of TV series, at least I know I will be able to watch the whole season without it being dumped mid season. I am so glad I got the whole DVD series of Benidorm from England (it is very funny), I knew this would happen, perhaps it is just too English for Australian television. I am English and don’t understand the popularity of Kath & Kim.

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