Gone: The Cleveland Show

Supernatural fans.... you're allowed to feel vindicated over this one.

Supernatural fans…. you’re allowed to feel vindicated over this one.

TEN has dumped The Cleveland Show from Monday nights.

It will be replaced by repeats of Glee from next Monday. That also pushed TEN Late News and Letterman back to 11pm / 11:45pm.

The animated comedy is another of TEN’s casualties in its late night Monday slot. This week it took just 354,000 viewers, lower than the 408,000 Supernatural attracted when it was dropped. But TEN’s Monday nights may well be tied to it insisting on Good News Week as a 90 minute show.

Cleveland could be destined for a slot on TEN’s next digital channel when it launches later this year.

Meanwhile the extra Glee rerun means you won’t be tied down to watching the first-run Thursday episodes.

Tomorrow’s ‘Madonna-episode’ will surely attract some good buzz.

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  1. Ended up putting off the Television after Good News Week last Monday when I saw the preview for Glee.Ten should bring back Cleveland to lead into the late night News as a double comedy lineup.I do not know about the rest of you but I for one have never seen an episode of Glee or Ever Will.If i wanted to see crap like that i would have bought a box set of High School musical a long time ago.

  2. I am just glad that Glee Encore got about 413,000 viewers. Supernatural, on average, would get the same, and if properly advertised and lets not forget started on time, sometimes more viewers many of them very loyal. Channel 10 Programmers do you think you have stuffed around enough programmes now to figure out the math? I am going to say no!!!!

  3. This is a real death slot. Would it be worth Ten’s while to put Letterman on at 10 and then have the Late News following it? At least the Letterman and GNW audience may have something in common, and it could possibly test the feasibility of having Letterman at an earlier time on the second digital channel Ten is launching later this year.

    Ten seem to have a problem with awkwardly timed shows. If Ten had 8:30-10:00 GNW, 10:00-10:45 Letterman, 10:45-11:30 Late News and 11:30-12:00 Random Comedy Show it might do better for them.

  4. The way all the channels….mess around with their programming….I dont get too interested in anything these days….I know that what I love/like to watch….can disappear tomorrow…..or be constantly shifted to different timeslots…..
    And certain ads….like the anti smoking ones,…just make me reach for the remote and I forget to change back……….

  5. some of the suggestions on here are crazy.. GNW should not be a 2hr show. It would be the absolute death of the show. I reckon people are already turning away from it because of it being 90 mins long (gone are the days when it was rating over 1mil consistently). I really really wish TEN would see that it’s just too long. i can’t watch a whole episode anymore. In the UK, HIGNFU is 30 mins long, and GNW was also 30 mins long when it was on the ABC.. When it’s 30 mins, it leaves the viewer with the feeling that they wanna tune in again next week to see what happens. Lord, if i watch an entire GNW i feel half accomplished for watching it the whole way through. Please TEN make it 1 hr again and have something at 9.30

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