Gyngell signs new Nine deal

David Gyngell has signed a new contract to continue his role as Nine’s CEO, according to the Australian Financial Review.

Gyngell has signed a new, four-year contract ahead of a possible float of the media group next year.

The son of Bruce Gyngell, the first man on Australian television, he returned to the role in October 2007 following an executive role with Granada USA. It is his second term leading the network.

There is speculation that his salary has increased from $1.2m to $1.5m per year.



  1. @lepatron, i realise that he had his work cut out for him when he returned and didn’t expect anything to turn around immediately. i just don’t think he was doing well when 9 was making flop after flop after flop. monster house, canal road, hole in the wall, the strip, wipeout aus, home made, THISafternoon, australia’s perfect couple, million dollar wheel, chopping block, power of ten, battleronts, my kid’s a star, trouble in paradise and about a dozen factuals, the list goes on, far more flops than 7&ten had, hyped up imports like fringe, mentalist, and flahpoint, disapointed some due to 9’s scheduling. they had 10x 2.5men(R) per week and 2x 20to1’s, programming changes by the day. dance your ass off. that was all under gyngell and can’t all be attribured to those before him.
    but as i said before, it’s all seems to have turned around this year

  2. Tasmanian de√il

    @ me – You haven’t even finished your sentence. Funny how you can call someone else’s comment bullsh*t when yours stops mid-sentence. If you want to criticise someone, at least get your point across.

  3. Gyngell coming back to Nine in 07 was the best thing that could happen for the network. They needed somene who loved TV rather than someone whose only interest is profit. And the result is that Nine’s doing much better now – though it still has further to go. The second half of the year will be very telling when Seven fixes up their schedule.

  4. All things considered, and lets assume for a second he gets no bonuses, the guy isn’t paid all that much ATEOTD…. (yes it’s lots, not as much as I thought though).

  5. @me
    Like David said, not everything commissioned will work. But also Nine has a programming team to make decisions. Whilst overall Gyngell is the boss he does have to allow his programmers to do their job.

    Of course he didn’t do a good job in 08 and 09. The Nine he inherited was in a terrible state. He couldn’t turn it around straight away, just like Leckie didn’t turn Seven around straight away. But now that he has been in there for a few years and been able to build his own team and network, he is delivering the results.

  6. David Gyngell is the best thing about this network. He’s done a great job in impossible circumstances. I’d like to see what he might do if he wasn’t burdened with all that debt.

  7. Thats a good decision, certainly seems to have steered the network back from the disaster it seemed to be engulfed in a few years ago, especially after the initial resurgence by 7 in 05/06

  8. he has made his far share of good and bad decisions. i didn’t think he was doing a good job in ’08 and most of ’09 a lot of bad shows greenlit and a lot of bad programming moves. but this year ther’s been a turnaround and it’s been all good, and deserves a new contract more than anyone else. and he looks like a nice guy.

  9. @Wagner
    your comment was so bullsh*t, I think you might be David Gyngell posing as a fake person. Its beyond me how a man that has made so many bad decisions like home made, aus favorite couple and the chopping block aswell as getting rid of the last good Australian childrens show The Shak.

  10. What was Eddy on? What is Eddy still on?

    I hope it’s not more than this guy…it’s not easy to turn the Titanic but somehow he is managing.

  11. Even though I’m not a fan of Nine’s programming tactics (although Seven have been just as bad lately…), and their oversaturation of shows like 20 to 1 and 2.5 Men, I always liked this guy for some reason. He seems like he knows what he’s doing.

    Although Charlie Sheen makes in one episode what Gyngell makes in a year…that puts things into perspective

  12. David Gyngell has done a great job as CEO
    for the Nine network, I am so happy that he
    is staying put. I hope this year will be finally nines
    year, so much has changed since Gyngell has
    stepped up.

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