Kylie on Vicar of Dibley

Kylie Minogue's 1994 appearance on The Vicar of Dibley gets a rerun on Seven this Thursday night.

Kylie Minogue’s 1994 appearance on The Vicar of Dibley gets a rerun on Seven this Thursday night (Melbourne, Adelaide Perth).

She plays herself in an episode set at the Annual Village Festival.

And yes, television episodes from 1994 apparently still qualifies for primetime in Australia.

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  1. @ vinny – I would like to think that they are right, a lot of Australians do prefer British humour including me. I remember reading a newspaper poll asking whether you prefer British or American, and every person said British (except for two Canadians). Keep in mind that it was a Hobart newspaper so other areas could be different. It would be another interesting poll topic for this website too.

    It doesn’t explain why they never showed Benidorm though.

  2. How can this pass as acceptable for prime time viewing.I admit It is bad if not worse than Channel 7’s weak excuse for 5pm Outdated Mash Reruns from 1971 to 1983 when there are so many nineties and 2000-09 comedies and sitcoms out there they could use to fill the timeslot.

  3. Some Australians do prefer British humour to American humour – at least some of the time. The real shame is Australians don’t get to enjoy more Australian produced comedy on tv – especially the commercial networks.

  4. Love tihs show and Red Dwarf, but gee Seven you got a whole video library of what other shows and you choose to air Vicar of Dibley again???? Wow.. so imaginative. Who caes if Kylie Minogue is on it?

  5. c’mon guys don’t knock TVOD for being in primetime. i41 would much rather see an episode of this great little show than an unfunny repeat of 2.5men for the 17th time or import factual or whatever is on the other channels.

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