Leaks in the Logie boat

The Logie Awards trended as a one of the Top 10 topics on Twitter internationally last night, as those in the know were tweeting their reactions to the show.

By early this morning they were tweeting about the parties that were still going.

Dannii Minogue even managed to tweet the Gold Logie winner about half an hour before it had aired -all the way from London.

But the most alarming slip came in the form of the Sydney Morning Herald which published an article with all the winners at least 45 minutes before Ray Meagher had been announced.

That sent journos in the media room, who were under embargo until the end of the TV broadcast, into a tailspin.

The Sydney Morning Herald blunder appeared to come from its online staff rather than the author of the article.

It isn’t the first time print newspapers have been privvy to Logie winners in order to have the results published the next day. The newspaper also moved to take the article offline and republishing it later, but the damage had been done.


  1. tasmanian devil

    “It isn’t the first time print newspapers have been privvy to Logie winners in order to have the results published the next day.”

    It isn’t the first time you have misspelled “Privy” either. If you google “privvy site:tvtonight.com.au” there are nearly two pages of results!

  2. I also noted that when Richard & Natalie were interviewing the two Footy Show hosts from rival shows during the ad break, they said one of you will be collecting the award shortly. Too bad for the other three shows that were nominated! Personally, I can’t see how the NRL version won when no ones watches it – must have been all their families voting for them….

  3. Dannii Minogue was unfairly trashed on Twitter for “spoiling the surprise”, but in her defence, it’s quite possible that she thought that the show had already aired when she Tweeted about Ray’s win (apparently she received an SMS from someone at the show and congratulated Ray immediately).

  4. Yes. I did hear that comment about Hamish and Andy .

    Apparently someone i know, knows hamish quite well and they have told me they are working on an untitle project for channel 10 which is due to premier in the second half of 2010.

    I asked him if he knew what it was about…like is it a talk show like rove, or like their other program real stories or is it a sitcom or what?

    he said he could only tell me that we all should get ready to laugh our pants off

    must be a serious drama peice then

  5. Did anyone hear jules lund say to hamish and andy on the red carpet that by this time next yer they will be nominated for a logie? Im thinking he may of just accidently mentioned a tv show that they havent announced yet starring hamish and andy.

  6. You gotta love the Twitter!

    Maybe they will have to have it 100% live in the future for the East Coast? Or do they start banning cell phones from the event?

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