Logies: what the papers say

Who are the nominees tipping? What do Logie veterans have to say? And how about some new award categories?

Plenty of random news in today’s papers about tonight’s big TV event:

  • So You Think You Can Dance‘s Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Matt Lee, Biggest Loser‘s Shannan Ponton, celebrity journalist Richard Reid, Ready Steady Cook host Peter Everett and actress Susie Porter were just some of the big names that had  popped into the Gifting Suite pick up their freebies.”If they tell all their friends about it, it’s another way to get out to a market that you wouldn’t probably normally get access,” says one Gifting marketer.
  • Sunday Age‘s Melinda Houston tips Rebecca Gibney for the Gold but adds, she would love it if Shaun Micallef got up, ‘Just so we can hear his acceptance speech.’ She writes that ‘the outstanding awards are really for the TV geeks and industry insiders. All eyes, and hearts, are with the most popular awards and while the nominations have thrown up some surprises (Paul McDermott for gold?), we’re guessing the winners will not.’Houston also proposes some new awards categories: We could recognise, for instance, Series That Should Never Have Seen the Light of Day. (Gangs of Oz, anyone?) Or perhaps Series That Should Have Been Allowed to Air for More Than Two Episodes (Perpetual trophy: Supernatural). There’d be tough competition for Most Egregious Scheduling Changes, as there would for Most Egregious Use of Repeats. In the news and current affairs arena there are also plenty of opportunities: Most Outrageous Beat-Up, Most Misleading Promo, Most Convincingly Confected Outrage would all have a strong field.
  • MediaWeek editor James Manning said he expected viewers would tune in, with a move “back to basics and a focus on the people in the shows and the awards”. He added that TEN star Shaun Micallef shouldn’t be discounted as a contender for Gold.
  • Nominee Jessica Marais tells the Sunday Telegraph: “I’m really thrilled that I’m nominated at all but I don’t think I will win,” she said. “I’d probably be so shocked that I don’t know how my acceptance speech would go.”
  • Gold nominee Esther Anderson tells the newspaper, “The odds are against me, but I’m just so amazed to be part of this,” she said.”It’s my first Logies nomination, full stop. I would never have imagined this a couple of years ago.”I hope Ray (Meagher) gets it, but Rebecca (Gibney) is the one to beat.”
  • Gold frontrunner Ray Meagher says he is gratified by being the bookies’ favourite: “‘Look, thanks very much, I’ll take that,” he told The Sun-Herald. ”But I’ve got a theory [about the voting] and mine’s a bit more logical than Rebecca’s. ‘I figure the five comics will try and be the funniest, which means they’ll cancel each other out. Esther Anderson and I will split the Home and Away votes, so we can’t win. So the lovely Rebecca will just stroll down the carpet and collect gold number two.”
  • Fellow nominee Paul McDermott tells the Sunday Telegraph: “I miss the good old days of the Logies, when people really did get tanked. Now there are too many pairs of eyes watching every move you make,” he said.
  • Silver Logie nominee and previous winner Kat Stewart tells the Sydney Morning Herald about attending previous Logies.”I happened to know the publicist who was there, we’d worked together before, so I chatted with her. That was nice. But on the carpet it was tumbleweeds. I had to wait for ages before anyone else arrived!” she said.”Also, I have that impulse when I see a face I recognise, I assume I know them. So I found myself saying hello to people who didn’t have a clue who I was. But it was such a friendly atmosphere I just ended up talking to everybody.”
  • Denise Drysdale recalls her Gold Logie wins to the Sunday Herald Sun in 1974 and 1975, the first given to her by John Wayne.’The first one was fabulous in particular because growing up in that era John Wayne was a star,” she said.”The second one, I can’t remember that well and the reason is because Garry McDonald also won the gold and he made me laugh so much I wouldn’t have known who was there.”You have to remember, back in ’75 we were a little more prudish and he looked at me and said, ‘who did you have to sleep with to get yours?'”
  • The Logies‘ first female solo host Wendy Harmer writes in today’s Daily Telegraph:  “I think I’m the only person in the nation who has hosted the Logies and been a contestant on MasterChef. Both shows are on TV tonight, so let me compare and contrast my experiences. I got more laughs de-boning a rabbit on MasterChef than I did hosting the Logies. The rabbit was a better audience. At least it was sober, well-bred and didn’t keep leaving the room for a smoke. In the end, on MasterChef, the rabbit was done like a dinner. On the Logies, I was.”
  • Molly Meldrum is rumoured to be bringing his pooch Ziggy to the Red Carpet.
  • Matt Preston will be without Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris, after the Iceland volcano threw MasterChef schedules into disarray for its London stint. Preston is up for two awards as a TV newcomer.
  • TEN stylist Felicity Bren tells the Sydney Morning Herald that sometimes a TV star will try on up to 40 gowns before she finds one she is happy with.”You can sometimes go through 30 or 40 gowns before you get it right. It can be a long and trying process,” she says. She she will be at the newsagent at first light tomorrow morning to see what the fashion critics have to say about her fashion choices.Nine’s stylist Cheryl Weir insists ”Oh, and black socks are a must. Guys always rock up in their black suits and white socks.”

Source: news.com.au, smh.com.au

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