MasterChef whips the Logies

It may have been TV’s night of nights, but MasterChef Australia beat the Logie Awards in the TV ratings last night.

TEN’s cooking contest pulled 1.53m viewers, beating the industry awards night which took 1.4m viewers in Total People.

But while the two shows were head to head, the average figure for Nine’s event would have been hampered by the fact it was a four hour marathon.

The #1 show for the night was actually Seven News on 1.81m viewers, beating Nine News on 1.47m.

The Logies only just beat Customs (1.39m), Bones (1.35m) and Send in the Dogs (1.35m).

Elsewhere last night The Force was 1.21m, Sunday Night 1.13m, Border Security 1.05m, Merlin 1.03m, Castle 1.03m, The Good Wife 937,000 and Doctor Who 915,000.

But for Nine it scored where it mattered most, with the evening share for the night. The Nine Network took a whopping 37.3% (Nine 32.8%, GO! 4.5%) better reflecting the pulling power of the Logies.

Week 19


  1. Craig(Buzz)

    As expected a very good result for the Logies,you have to remember to that almost the full first hour was all the red carpet stuff,generally in viewer numbers that’s always a bit softer compared to the rest of the night.As it was the first time ever the two shows were combined

  2. We absolutely should support and celebrate Australian television but the Logies is a moribund cavalcade that serves to lampoon the industry, not champion it. I avoid it like the plague.

  3. The Logies – when a bunch of mediocrities are rewarded via the votes of ill-informed morons. It is also a good place to watch the good old Australian cultural cringe, as exhibited by the usual ‘celebrities’ from US television, most of whom have little or no knowledge of this country other than the Crocodile Hunter and ‘koala bears’, and the fawning that they encounter from our homegrown ‘stars’.

    It is high time that this rubbish was consigned to the dustbin of history. But I’m guessing that this will not happen given the type of people who cast their votes.

  4. Went you talk average of course the Logies are going to win over MC, I thought Nine news would do better over Seven as people settled in for the night to watch the full Logies coverage.

    I didn’t watch last night, so did Nine only get one award? How maybe did the others get?

  5. @darryn, Masterchef did win its timeslot getting 1,531,000 from 7.31pm-8.36pm, while Nine had 1,398,000 and Seven had 1,204,000 for the same timeslot. Masterchef also won 18-49, 16-39, 25-54 & 16-54. So the headline is correct.

  6. Cry me a river Darryn. If the situation were reversed you’d be trumpeting 9.
    Like you said the shares were 37-20, just be happy with that.
    Cos you certainly can’t be happy that your beloved Channel 9 only bounced away with ….one logie last night… ouch

  7. Darryn this is a ongoing question in any ratings reports. We have 1 hr shows against 30 minute shows with regularity. The story puts full context on the situation along with the share that tells the rest of the picture.

  8. darryn that’s just the nature of top programs – seven news killed them all with a half hour program
    you can’t cherry pick which hour of the logies did best and go with that.
    the logies did phenominally for such a long program, but as an average masterchef beat it… including in the timeslot (which admittedly was half red carpet, but it was nine’s choice not to split it out)
    but there is no denying nine won the night, just a shame they didn’t have more than one logie at the end of it

  9. Madame Tango

    Hopefully Who will pick up – even more the next few episodes are corkers!! Angels and River x2 and then the long-awaited Vampires In Venice!!

  10. How on earth can you compare two shows when one went 4.5 hours and the other 1.5?. Quite frankly that headline is misleading, especially considering the shares are 37 to 20.

  11. everyone is over the logies these days. 9 can try all it likes to make it like the ocars or the emmy’s. they won’t even come close

  12. – Incredible figures for Customs and Send in the Dogs. Way up on last week.

    – News figures skyrocket, particularly Seven News. Is it because it’s the Labour Day long weekend or would it be something else?

    – Sunday Masterchef is now at the average figure that I think it will get each week. Not surprised that it continues to do well.

    – Many people might think that the Logies telecast is way too long, but averaging 1.4m viewers over four hours is no easy feat.

    – With a percentage lead of 9.4%, it is highly likely that Nine will once again win the week.

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