Q & A: May 10

Monday night’s Q&A tackles the hot debate on the battle for internet freedom.

Host Tony Jones will be joined on the panel by:

Brendan O’Connor, Minister for Home Affairs;
Sophie Mirabella, Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research;
Kaiser Kuo, Bejing-based columnist and technology writer;
Brett Solomon, online activist and Executive Director of AccessNow.org; and
Helen Razer, opinion and arts writer.

…and no sign of previous participant Senator Stephen Conroy.

To register to be part of the studio audience go to http://abc.net.au/qanda.

Viewers can also submit video or written questions online.

It airs live at 9.35pm on ABC1.


  1. exLaborvoter

    Everyone needs to remember that Labor not only want to censor the internet but keep secret from us what sites they have banned. You can bet it won’t only be child porn sites which would be acceptable but could extend to political censorship as well. They need to commit to making it all transparent and making public what sites they have restricted. Comrads KRudd and CONroy must be very popular in China, following it’s principals of freedom of speach.

  2. No_Netcensor

    Anyone who’s heard an interview with Conjob within the last 6 months knows word for word exactly what he’d say anyway.

    He’d butt into any question and rattle off his scripted list of the worst examples of RC material and some typical places where you can’t sell it.

    Then he’d mention ‘no silver bullet’ and the ‘wild west’, and how anyone that disagrees with the concept is a liar or anarchist….yawn.

    He as full of it as a Freeview commercial.

  3. Shame. If that pile of rubbish Conroy was on, someone could light a match to him and get instant sainthood. Who voted this gov’t in when they had such a policy? oh, that’s right, they didn’t.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    After Internode’s Mark Newton skewered him last time, I can’t see Conroy wanting to put himself thru another uncomfortable hour of squirming and downright barefaced lying about his intentions.

  5. Conjob’s a coward. Plus he’d just spend the entire hour telling us those opposed to censorship are child pornographers. Moron.

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