Random acts of carpetness 2010

…just back from Logies Red Carpet…..

….another crazy afternoon as Australian media descends upon the Crown foyer. There were fans, stars, cameras, frocks and the distant sound of jackpot machines.

First on the carpet was Hi-5, unless you include Brynne Edelsten. Couldn’t work out if she was a guest or part of media. Didn’t really care either way…

Publicists escorted their talent to a sea of community radio, regional media, internet TV, wire photographers,  daily print media and more. It’s funny when they bring someone up to you and you have to feign interest just to avoid it being awkward.

Molly had his dog Ziggy. Someone mentioned it had been escorted away by Security, but this is the Logies, rumours run amok.

Nicest guy on the carpet goes to Underbelly‘s Firass Dirani. Lots of celebs were very friendly and cheerful, not all let their humility do the driving….Hillsy was chipper, Preston was eloquent, and the kids from Dance just seemed happy to be there.

Several celebs made a point of acknowledging this blog especially Richard Reid and Shaun Micallef -who also thanked readers for their support for his Gold campaign.

More interviews and photos will follow tomorrow.


  1. So happy to hear that Micallef acknowledged this site – he was one of the only good things on the telecast tonight. Congrats David.

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