Ray Meagher snatches Gold

Ray Meagher has won the Gold Logie at the 2010 Logie Awards.

The veteran actor finally won recognition for his 22 years of playing ‘Alf Stewart’ on Home and Away.

“These things have never meant much to me over the years, mainly because I’ve never held one,” he said. “All of a sudden they seem unbelievably important.”

“In 1965 at a hotel in Brisbane, I won a chook raffle,” he said. “It has been a long time between drinks.”
“Sadly, on that night in the Regatta Hotel, I was the sole ticket seller. And I drew the raffle.”

Meagher was convinced the award would go to Rebecca Gibney. He thanked his co-stars, producers, directors, crews and network execs.

Home and Away is a wonderful little show, sold to the world and does wonderful things for the bottom line of the Seven Network,” he said.

Meagher also thanked fans who ran Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

His win was a sentimental one, as the room recognised his years performing in the industry.


  1. @JB

    Ray has had an awesome 2009. His character i think was the strongest of the bunch in that show last year. I think he deserved it.

    I wish those stupid morons at Nine though would axe Richard Wilkins already. That was a stupid segment and he kept on plugging Today. Talking about Today the hosts did a very poor job of the red carpet. I dont see their appeal.

    Overall though the night was great. KD Lang was just fantastic and the show had flow to it this year unlike the previous years. I however think the Logies have to be shown on a different network each year. Have it on Seven, then Nine, then TEN then back to Seven again. They do it with the Emmy’s in the US which i guess is their equivalent to ours so why not the Logies? (Well i know why so you dont need to tell me but still its ridiculous.)

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