Returning: CSI. Bumped: Australian Families of Crime

After a big drop between Underbelly and Australian Families of Crime, Nine is resuming CSI at 9:30pm from May 30th.

It will pick up from S10E8 “Lover’s Lane.”

The CSIs investigate a murder at a bowling alley after a critical piece of evidence is revealed during a bowling tournament.

Australian Familes Of Crime will return on Tuesday 8th June at 9:40 pm.


  1. CSI CSI New York CSI Miami they are the worst shows on television i think it is the same s**t all the time and dont even get me started on that red head guy in one of the CSI’s my garden gnome could do better acting have real life fact shows are way better like Australian Crime Scene Investigation where did that go and this Australian Families of Crime are the way to go.

  2. Unbelievable. That show was the only thing interesting on Sunday night. Underbelly is beyond crap – bad writing, bad acting, bad everything. Watching it is like getting your tooth pulled out.

    Way to go Channel Nine. No wonder without sports you are nothing.

  3. I figured this would replace The Mentalist when it ends in a few weeks. What are they going to air now? They really don’t have all that much to show

  4. As crappy, boring, redundant and overly hyped CSI is, it’s still at least scripted and has the level of sophistication that shows like Underbelly doesn’t… thank god for scripted shows…

  5. it is a shame because it was one of there better factuals they really should give shows time to grow i will watch it on tuesday night but whats the bet if it dosent do any better which it probaly wont they will get rid of it compltely

  6. About time ch9.

    Whats happened to CSI NY? They still haven’t finished showing season 5 here in Adelaide, but in the US they are 2 weeks away from finishing season 6 . Very, very slow ch9.

  7. I watched families of Crime last night and found it very interesting. They really should give these things more time to settle in.

  8. Why? Looking at last night, 824,00 is OK for a show at 9.30ish Sunday night. Came second behind Castle at 960,000, way ahead of House. What makes them think CSI will do any better?

    The only way they (Nine) will retain Underbelly figures at 9.39 is to put on another episode of Underbelly but that would cause the series to finish too soon. They should also keep in mind that Seven will have a new Sunday night line up in a few weeks when all of their shows finish.

  9. How annoying, i usually tape Families of Crime and watch it another time.
    Now on Tuesday night it will clash with something else i tape so i won’t bother with it anymore.

    Channel 9 are so annoying! Don’t even give a show a chance. They have only played two episodes of this show with a two week break in the middle. (three if you count the Carl Williams one, which i would of liked to watch but didn’t know it was on). People don’t have a chance to get to know a show is even on before they take it off. Oh well i won’t be watching on the new night! and i definitely will not be watch CSI i was over that show 10 years ago!

  10. Gotta love Nine’s dedication for local shows. You know… shafting them when they don’t do well. Here’s a tip Nine: I was more interested in watching Mark Webber win his first Monaco GP than watch a show that will most-likely be on DVD in a few months time.

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