Returning: Russell Brand’s Ponderland

New episodes of Russell Brand’s Ponderland will air next month on Seven. It returns with the episode “Childhood.”

Comedian, Russell Brand, draws on his own personal experiences to discuss the complexities of childhood, its innocence, confusion and fear. After childhood comes adolescence, which delivers further issues to be dealt with.

It returns 11:25pm Sunday June 13th.


  1. thought the first season was bland boring and not very funny at all, and it was just him yelling and complaining for an hour over very old clips. Highly overated

  2. Richard Connell

    I don’t get this guy. I mean, young people these days have enough bad influences on them without this chap. If he was funny it would be acceptable but sadly he is not. You want funny? View some footage of ‘real’ talent like Graham Kennedy or any of the cast of the Mavis Bramptson Show. Send Ponderland elsewhere Channel 7.

  3. I am sorry, but I dont think 11.30 on a Sunday night is a suitable time for this. I would suggest 2.30am on a Wednesday morning! Have never seen such dross! Wondered what all the fuss was about when it was screened previously – would rather sit and watch a skin form on custard. (and to think they went on over Cougartown)

  4. Are they a new series or just episode’s from series 1 that they haven’t played? seeing how they played series 2 first….I don’t think he’s doing Ponderland these days…

  5. Yes!!!! Finally. I’ve tried to obtain this from other sources but had no success. I dont understand why Seven didnt just show series two straight after series 2 seeing as they are so far behind.

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