Returning: The Gruen Transfer

Wil Anderson returns with The Gruen Transfer next month, with 12 episodes instead of the previous 10.

He is joined by Todd Sampson, Russel Howcroft, Jane Caro, Matt Eastwood, Dan Gregory, Dee Madigan, Bridget Taylor, Bram Williams, Rowan Dean and Carolyn Miller.

And maybe just a little bit of Tweeting?

We’ve been away 12 months and there’s a lot to talk about. You want plans? We got ‘em. But if we told you all the surprises, they wouldn’t be surprises anymore. Trust us though, there will be many. One will feature the worst ads of all time. And none will involve you finding out Tony Abbott is your long lost father.

Wil Anderson returns after touring the world with his sell-out show Wilful Misconduct, appearing on Chelsea Lately and gaining a Gold Logie nomination. Joining him will be regulars Todd Sampson, Russel Howcroft, Jane Caro, Matt Eastwood, Dan Gregory, Dee Madigan, Bridget Taylor, Bram Williams, Rowan Dean and Carolyn Miller.

Old favourite segments including The Pitch – where two agencies compete to sell the unsellable – will also return, alongside new offerings, which we’ll fill you in on soon. We’re also upping the ante online, with exclusive and extended content scheduled for the Gruen website (

Through two seasons, The Gruen Transfer has averaged more than a million viewers a week. It still holds the record for the biggest ever debut of a Light Entertainment program on ABC-TV – its first episode was seen by 1.287 million viewers on 2008.

The Gruen Transfer is a Zapruder’s other films co-production with ABC-TV. Executive Producers are Andrew Denton, Anita Jacoby and Sophia Zachariou. The show was co-created by Andrew Denton and Jon Casimir. It is produced by Jon Casimir. Supervising Producer is Debbie Cuell.

It returns to ABC1, Wednesday, June 16, at 9pm.


  1. Good show. Good to see it back. Last season they got a bit carried away with the Todd v Russell arguments. Wil Anderson is good on this show, can understand why people don’t like him though.

  2. @Steve – no offence taken good sir. I appreciate you pointing out the error. Not sure if you have an equivalent example, but rapport has always been one of those words I have a mental block with on spelling. Chances are, despite your correction, I’ll repeat the error. Hopefully it won’t be via this blog, where young minds could indeed be corrupted by my errant spelling.

  3. @Rhys. Sorry to be a pedant but it’s spelled: “rapport”. Don’t be offended by my correction but we can’t have young minds reading this blog and learning the incorrect spelling. TV Tonight has standards you know.
    And yes he actually does have a fair rapport with the panellists.
    Back to sipping my chardonnay.

  4. Good to see Gruen back. Glad to also see Wil Anderson still at the helm. The guy has a razor sharp wit and has established a good repore with the regular panelists.

  5. Reading this made me realise how much I missed this show!
    And to the naysayers – Will is great in this role. Adam is fabulous too – but not for this format.

  6. I cant remember if it was on iView last year or not as i was not in the country and didn’t have access to iView at the time, but i hope it will be this year in case i miss any eps.

  7. @chk chk – I totally agree re Wil Anderson. Same with this entire series, I watch it, but I actually don’t like it.
    There’s something a bit odd about watching a bunch of self-satisfied suits show how they manuipulate us into buying stuff we don’t want and don’t need. And the way they pretend to have ethics and moral standards – it’s kind of like watching an outraged TV reporter who couldn’t scoop a story getting self-righteous about the “pack mentality of the media” as though he is not part of the media.
    You know what I mean.

  8. Glad for the Gruen to be back but devastated to know that Will Anderson is coming with it, can they not make Adam Hills to be the host instead??

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