Season high for MasterChef

MasterChef Australia hits 1.8m viewers. Last year those kind of figures weren't evident until the final weeks of the show.

MasterChef Australia is the gift that keeps on giving.

Last night it hit 1.8m viewers, another new season high. Last year those kind of figures weren’t evident until the final weeks of the show. But we’re only into week 3 of the 2010 season. Worried rival Programmers know will be going much higher yet…

The show has been the #1 show of the week for 3 of its 4 nights this week and tonight it’s elimination will be followed by the “Madonna” episode of Glee.

Unable to keep up with the cooking contest last night were Hey Hey it’s Saturday (holding firm at 1.2m) and Dog Squad / Surf Patrol (994,000 / 920,000). Seven’s factuals continue to suffer the most against the reality show.

Elsewhere The Pacific nudged 1.3m, The 7PM Project was 893,000 and Who Do You Think You Are? 871,000.

In the afternoon slot Hot Seat‘s 681,000 is regularly ahead of Deal or No Deal‘s 555,000, contradicting regular “anti-Eddie” press.

Spicks & Specks is back to form on 1.11m but ABC comedies Lowdown (601,000) and Psychoville (507,000) couldn’t retain the lead-in.

Sunrise lost to Today in Melbourne but stayed ahead elsewhere and nationally, 382,000 to 348,000.

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