Season high for MasterChef

MasterChef Australia hits 1.8m viewers. Last year those kind of figures weren't evident until the final weeks of the show.

MasterChef Australia is the gift that keeps on giving.

Last night it hit 1.8m viewers, another new season high. Last year those kind of figures weren’t evident until the final weeks of the show. But we’re only into week 3 of the 2010 season. Worried rival Programmers know will be going much higher yet…

The show has been the #1 show of the week for 3 of its 4 nights this week and tonight it’s elimination will be followed by the “Madonna” episode of Glee.

Unable to keep up with the cooking contest last night were Hey Hey it’s Saturday (holding firm at 1.2m) and Dog Squad / Surf Patrol (994,000 / 920,000). Seven’s factuals continue to suffer the most against the reality show.

Elsewhere The Pacific nudged 1.3m, The 7PM Project was 893,000 and Who Do You Think You Are? 871,000.

In the afternoon slot Hot Seat‘s 681,000 is regularly ahead of Deal or No Deal‘s 555,000, contradicting regular “anti-Eddie” press.

Spicks & Specks is back to form on 1.11m but ABC comedies Lowdown (601,000) and Psychoville (507,000) couldn’t retain the lead-in.

Sunrise lost to Today in Melbourne but stayed ahead elsewhere and nationally, 382,000 to 348,000.

Week 19

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  1. I’m not surprised the MC team challenges are rating so well, they do tend to suck you in with the political/tactical side of things. I’m just glad the waterworks from contestants has been wound back a notch or two.

  2. Just shows if you copy a successful format (Top Chef) and modify it by taking out the bogan and ego element (Big Brother) then you’re on a reality winner. MKR couldn’t grasp that.

  3. @ steve – Nine won in 25-54

    Also interesting to note that according to the Nine report Hey Hey increased “significantly” in it’s second hour ie when MC had finished.

  4. Good god, those figures are astounding, I am tipping 2m from potentially next Wednesday onwards, this show is just absolutely powering and there is no light at the end of the tunnel for the other networks, it has totally carved 7 up with 9 holding fairly firm in the face of the MasterChef Express…

    Expecting big numbers for Glee tonight also, MC finale will definately do over 4m there is no question.

    You wonder with this level of interest if its worth them putting out a DVD boxset, I’d totally buy it!

    WWE have previously released Anthologies (20 Disc) for about the $250 mark which have sold quite well, I reckon release S1 and S2 for that or maybe a bundle of 1 & 2 for say $299 and watch them fly off the shelves…. just an idea

  5. @ndro: there is definitely that element of good vs bad, but I guess it’s one of those things when editing 10 hours of filming down to a 1 hour show – you’re always going to get a bit of generalisation and simplification of characters and stories. I generally think that Masterchef fairly represents people as they are though.
    Good vs Bad is a very important element in reality tv because it means we care about who stays and who goes. This is partly why Biggest Loser failed this year – everything was too nice and feelgood. Good vs Bad is working for Survivor at the moment, and it was the strongest aspect of My Kitchen Rules. However, it doesn’t work when it is manufactured conflict and nastiness, as Big Brother tended to do.

  6. I like Master Chef I am glad it is rating its socks off…but I never went to a birthday party for a child with more than 20 – 30 kids…150 guests…that’s huge!

    What did Lost rate last night?

  7. @ John b i totally agree about some of the contestants talking to phobe like she was a 4 year old she was 9 incase they didnt know and i dont blame her for not liking sushi i dont eathier

    it really is amazing that one of the highest ever rating shows is a cooking contest

  8. I like that MC is rating so well but last night I watched Lost, then Fringe which I had recorded, didn’t watch any of the main channels.

    Good to see MC scaring the sh*t out of 7&9, just waiting to see which shows will fall next.

  9. Agree that the blue v red team challenges are the highlight of the week.

    But the best part of the night was S&S getting back up to 1m+ it’s a fantastic show and I want to see it continue for a few more years.

  10. @T-Mac: correct, Ten gave up all its gains it made with The 7pm Project and MC. The shocking ratings from PS I Love You cost the network the night. Does not bode well for the free-to-air premiere of movie Juno next Wednesday.

  11. With its outside challenges, Wednesday’s Masterchef is always the highlight of the week for me. The team dynamics and individual personalities just add another layer to the entertainment.
    I felt sorry for the birthday girl who had to put up with certain contestants who spoke to her in a condescending ‘play school’ voice. She was turning 9, not 4, people!

  12. dont want to be picky but I think you’ll find Sunrise won in Sydney 109k versus Today on 105k.

    Masterchef will probably be on 2m+ half way through its run possibly with a 4m+ finale. Unbelievable.

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