Updated: Nine pulls “Bloody Mary” South Park episode

UPDATED: Nine has this afternoon pulled a controversial “Bloody Mary” South Park episode from GO! following a story today on TV Tonight.

The episode was due to air next Tuesday night.

It will now replace the episode with “Christian Hard Rock” -which is exactly the same episode SBS put in its place when it dropped the episode.

Nine Programming presumably had no insight into the content of the episode or has buckled under pressure following today’s story,

Nine is yet to provide comment to enquiries from TV Tonight.

Today’s story ran as follows:

Next week GO! will air the highly controversial “Bloody Mary” episode of South Park.

SBS bowed to pressure and opted not to air this in 2006, after it caused outrage in the US.

The episode includes scenes of a statue of the Virgin Mary bleeding “out its ass”, lelading to protests to Comedy Central which dropped it from its repeats.

Melbourne Catholic Archbishop Denis Hart wrote to SBS asking the broadcaster not to air the episode. It bowed to pressure and withheld it from airing. The episode has since screened on the Comedy Channel.

It also aired in New Zealand on C4 despite Prime Minister Helen Clark issuing a statement saying the episode sounded “revolting.” After howls of complaints C4 later apologised for offending viewers.

The “Bloody Mary” episode will air at 10:30 Tuesday May 25 on GO! rated MA.

This week GO! was found to have breached the Code of Practice for an episode of Dante’s Cove, while another complaint is under review.


  1. Did you really have to alert Nine and the extreme Christians David? The fans would have watched it and the rest would have happily unaware. Everyone would have been happy! 🙁

  2. We are still a secular country are we not?

    Getting absolutely sick to death of having to pander to religious babies all the time, be they christian, catholic, muslim, jewish whatever.

    You want to believe in fairy tales then you better toughen up.

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