Stargate: Atlantis: finale

Stargate Atlantis has a double episode finale coming up on 7TWO.

With Lost having its finale shifted from 7TWO to Seven on May 26th, it opens up an extra hour on 7TWO. That will see Stargate Atlantis granted a double episode which will also be a season finale from 8:30pm.

Detective John Sheppard and IOA Agent Richard Woolsey find themselves in the midst of a CSI like murder case involving several killings apparently of Wraith origin in Las Vegas. Todd contacts Atlantis and reveals that a Wraith subordinate has managed to acquire several Zero Point Modules that he has used to power a formidable new hive ship.

If you’re wanting to see State of Origin, Lost and Stargate Atlantis, you’re gonna need a bigger boat.

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  1. For folks who haven’t seen Vegas, it’s a lampoon of CSI, it’s got everything from, high chopper slow mo’s of Las Vagas to Johnny Cash to F-302’s to Wraith Battle Cruisers, it’s a moreish ep. see it once see it 100 times it is still exciting

    And Rodney is brilliant

    Don’t miss it

  2. And the Fringe final as well … Ahhhh ….. thank god for time shifting from at least one of the FTA’s (Fringe)

    And they wonder why the p2p downloading is still increasing despite shows being aired closer to the USA and UK releases.

  3. Maybe with the new digital channels the networks need to pay viewers to get PVRs with multi HD tuners?

    Oh and Nine give us 3D TVs so we can see the SOO in 3D, if you’re lucky enough to live in Sydney!

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