Underbelly heading back to Court

Former NSW policewoman Wendy Hatfield will sue TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd, Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd and Screentime Pty Ltd, over Underbelly: The Golden Mile, claiming she never had a sexual relationship with Kings Cross club owner John Ibrahim.

It follows a failed legal attempt to view the series prior to it airing, to see if it defamed her. But courts ruled she would have grounds only after the event, if she felt she had been defamed.

Hatfield filed a claim with the NSW Supreme Court yesterday, claiming that Episode 6 was defamatory and caused her to be “brought into hatred, ridicule and contempt” and “gravely injured” her character.

But while a character in the series named ‘Constable Wendy’ becomes involved with Ibrahim (Firass Dirani), no surname is used.

Last week Screentime producers told media some characters could not be identified for legal reasons while others became fictional representations of several points of view.

The case is listed for June 22.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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