30 Years of David Letterman

Letterman marked 30 years of being a TV host with a specially-themed Top Ten.

This week David Letterman marked 30 years of being a TV host.

On June 23, 1980, Letterman was given his own morning comedy show on NBC, The David Letterman Show. It was originally 90 minutes long, but was shortened to 60 minutes in August. The show was a critical success, winning two Emmy Awards, but was a ratings disappointment and was cancelled in October 1980.

Late Night with David Letterman
debuted on February 1, 1982.

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  1. The Comedy Channel have been advertising that they won’t be showing Letterman anymore after June 30, but it seems like Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno have also been removed from the lineup after that date. Can you confirm that The Comedy Channel are dumping all their late night talk shows?

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