Airdate: 10 Items or Less

This US comedy series is part-scripted, part-improvised and filmed in a working supermarket.

Here’s another new show to add to next week’s extensive list.

US comedy series 10 Items or Less is a part-scripted, part-improvised show that stars John Lehr as a struggling New York City businessman who moves back to his hometown of Dayton, Ohio to take over the family supermarket following the death of his father. The show is filmed in a working supermarket often with actual customers used as extras.

The cast includes Robert Clendenin (That ’70s Show), Roberta Valderrama (ER), Greg Davis Jr., Kirsten Gronfield, Christopher Liam Moore (Judging Amy), and Chris Payne Gilbert (The Broken Hearts Club).

Comedian John Lehr stars as Leslie Pool, hapless inheritor of his family grocery business in Ohio. For this, he abandons his plans of fame and fortune in New York.

However, the staff at the business, Greens&Grains, are somewhat dysfunctional and make the job chaotic for the novice Leslie. He is approached by an old school classmate, who now manages the rival supermarket giant, Super Value Mart, with a business proposition. He is mildly tempted, but discovers their plans are not on the same level.

Leslie is determined to make his long-time family business a success and rejects the mega offer, but his store’s staff get wind of the talk between the two businesses and decide their jobs are in jeopardy. Then comes a much-sweetened offer from the Super Value Mart. What is Leslie to do?

This spontaneous, improvised comedy is set in an actual working grocery store, that is open for business during shoots.

It premieres 8pm Monday on ABC2.

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  1. I was worried that this would be on one of the commercial channels it wouldn’t get a fair run but the last line drove those worries away, thankfully there’s ABC2. Save us from reality, factuals, and repeats of either Two and Half Men or The Big Bang Theory (Don’t get me wrong I like TBBH, but not repeated every week, I’m pretty sure Monday’s was a repeat as well).

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