Airdate: AFL Insider, AFL 360

FOX Sports will have two new AFL magazine shows from July.

Jason Dunstall and Alastair Lynch will front AFL Insider every Tuesday night from July 6 at 7.30pm.

The show is a 60-minute look into the inner workings of elite AFL Clubs, the tactics they use and the innovations in place to give them the competitive edge.

AFL 360 will air live on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm looking at all angles of the week’s biggest issues. FOX Sports says “Whether it is on the field or in your club’s boardroom, host Gerard Whateley and one of the game’s most hardened journalists, Mark Robinson, will break down all the game’s burning topics.”

It starts July 7th.


  1. I agree about what they said about the referee’s but they have to understand that referee’s Do cost teams games, for example weekend just gone, Sydney was cheated against fremantle which changed the game completely and totally believe it cost them the game.

    Its alot of luck though they cant get all of the decision 100% right, but thats why camera replay, the 3rd umpire type thing up watching it on tv (replay) needs to be brought in specially for the finals, cause if poor umpiring was a reason a team lost by a goal or a point in a finals game that will hurt and is completely wrong, the finals are elimination finals and the best team should go through, not the team who gets lucky cause of a blind umpire.

    And this is from someone who doesnt support sydney or fremantle, gez i don’t follow any team in the AFL, just watch a few games that i think will be close and interesting to watch.

  2. Yeah, that’s good. Still not up to the same level as the days of Fox Footy Channel, where we had most of these, along with shows like Grumpy Old Men, Auskick’n Around, and White Line Fever was on every weeknight.

    I think at least White Line Fever should be brought back. It’ll never be the same without Clinton Grybas, but I think it’s been long enough since his death that the show can be brought back without offending anyone.

  3. So Fox Sports now have an AFL show every day of the week?

    Monday – On the Couch
    Tuesday – AFL Insider
    Wednesday – AFL 360
    Thursday – AFL Teams
    Friday – Before the Bounce


  4. Interesting to have Gerard Whateley from ABC Radio hosting a Fox Sports program. Mark Robinson (Herald Sun journalist) is also a penallist on AFL Game Day on Seven.

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