Airdate: Australia Versus

Seven's newest light entertainment show, hosted by Tim Ross, gets a leg up with Packed to the Rafters as its lead-in.

Seven’s next light entertainment offering, Australia Versus, will begin at 9:30pm Tuesday July 6th.

Although it feels like a late slot for this style of show, following a Packed of Rafters episode will give the show every chance. Not forgetting, Nine has also aired 20 to 1 a number of times in this slot. The show is rated PG.

Tim Ross hosts this show which sees Aussie comedians taking on counterparts from England, Ireland or the USA to across a nuber of subjects. The first episode tackles Aussies vs England in the category of Film including Hottest Rising Star, Top Frock, Funniest Flick, Scariest Villain, Best Bond and Toughest Tough Guy.

Representing Australia will be Ahn Do, Dave Thornton, Fiona O’Loughlin, Jim Jeffries, Peter Helliar, Peter Berner, Jo Stanley and Julia Morris.

Upcoming episodes will see Australia vs England in “Music” and Australia vs USA in “Sexiness”.

Each round is judged by an impartial panel of judges from 17 countries.

Significantly, the show is produced by FremantleMedia Australia, rather than a Seven in-house production.

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  1. very short promotion period. without seeing any of th show, to me it seems a 30min formt would do the show jstice, maybepair it with tv burp? or is that wishful thinking. i’d be interested to know the episode order. shows like this tend to have short 5-8 episode runs so parenthood can still go into the slot and finish within the year.

    or maybe parenthood will go to a twice a week format, i found myself really looking forward and getting into brothers and sisters when it was twice a week. i think it works well and the ratings held up.

  2. Oh so they’re having a Best Bond category, yeah George Lazenby against, Sean, Roger, Tim, Pierce and Daniel. Fair fight that. Probably not the best idea to have a category that the Brits have a monopoly on.

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