Airdate: Being Human: Unearthed

Spooky UK drama Being Human returns to ABC2 next month but is preceded by a one hour behind-the-scenes special.

Creator Toby Whithouse and actors Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow will talk about the making of the show.

Being Human, the popular fantasy drama, has taken its audience by storm. In this one hour special, Being Human: Unearthed, we get up close and personal with the twentysomethings and go behind the scenes with the weirdest flat-share!

Actors Aidan Turner (Mitchell), Russell Tovey (George) and Lenora Crichlow (Annie) reveal how they brought the much loved housemates to life and we talk to Jason Watkins about the influences behind vampire leader, Herrick. Annabel Scholey and Sinead Keenan give their thoughts on characters Lauren and Nina, and creator Toby Whithouse shares his insights on the recent series and teases what’s round the corner.

Being Human: Unearthed is perfect viewing for anyone hooked on the vampire, the werewolf and the ghost.

It airs at 8:30pm Friday June 11 ABC2. The new season will begin a week later.


  1. Will the series be on at 8.30pm as well? I seem to remember some episodes being MA last year, and I have heard the second season is gorier.

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