Airdate: Minute to Win It

Seven’s newest game show Minute to Win It will premiere 7:30pm Tuesday June 22nd, replacing Australia’s Got Talent.

Based on a US format, the show is built around 10 challenges with cash prizes on offer. Each game has a one-minute time limit and escalates in difficulty, with $1M as the ultimate prize. The show has 70 different games up its sleeve.

Host Darren McMullen says, “I really love this show. It gives everyday people the opportunity to become a millionaire and they don’t have to be a brain surgeon to do it.”

With names like Bite Me and Hanky Panky, the games use everyday household items like tissues, spoons, plastic cups and straws while increasing in difficulty as contestants move up the money ladder.

As a keen golfer, the golf ball game Caddy Stack is one of Darren’s favourites.

“The games are just so much fun to play and to watch. And yes kids, you can try these at home!” Darren enthuses.

In each episode, competitors will face up to 10 one-minute challenges that escalate in difficulty. Failure to finish the off-the-wall challenges in one minute can result in elimination. The contestant begins the game
with three lives, and loses one every time they fail to successfully complete a game.

At the completion of each task the contestant will win a cash prize. At various points throughout the game, the competitor can walk away with the money earned up to that point – but it’ll take nerves of steel to stay and complete all 10 tasks to win $1 million.

With more than 70 games in store, the competitors – who come from all walks of life – will never be quite sure what’s about to hit them.


  1. You know what, this doesn’t actually sound too bad. There isn’t that much in the way of game shows these days. I predict it will start out strong like Gladiators and The Rich List, but will eventually fizzle out a few months down the line.

  2. Re Mikeys: Darren McMullen is British, and hosted the last series of Commercial Breakdown on Nine. He also allegedly worked for MTV, but I never saw him on that channel once (just like I’ve never seen Ruby Rose on it)

  3. Darren started on MTV as a VJ…did some stuff hosting his own hard rock type show. Interesting (read difficult to understand) accent. But great personality. Very funny, very lively kinda fella when last I saw him on tv.

  4. It’s not rocket surgery now is it….

    10 x 1 minute games in a 42 minute episode? Sounds like there’s a bit of waffle and build up (and bulls**t filler)….

    Still, I like the concept….

    Anyone know who is this host, and where he came from?

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