Ashley Jensen for new BBC comedy pilot

Ashley Jensen (Extras, Ugly Betty) will star in a new comedy pilot for the BBC, Accidental Farmer.

According to the BBC Jensen will star as a high-powered, London-based ad executive who has it all: successful career, stunning flat, and gorgeous boyfriend, Mike.

A control-freak, who plans every aspect of her life, nothing takes Erin by surprise – until she discovers Mike in bed with a woman half her age.

She wreaks revenge by abusing his credit card buying, among other things, a run-down farm in Yorkshire. With Mike’s scorn ringing in her ears, Erin decides to make a go of it. How hard can it be to run a farm?

Little did she realise she’d be sharing a bed with Olive, an octogenarian sitting tenant; or fending off Clive, the inebriated handyman; or being shouted at by Judith, the horsey neighbour; or embarrassing herself in front of Matt, the dishy vet – not to mention living with a piglet. Erin hadn’t imagined just how much she’d have to muck in.

Ashley Jensen said: “I am really looking forward to working in the UK again on Accidental Farmer and getting my feet dirty in a farm somewhere in Yorkshire!

“It’s a great script and I love animals, though I have never worked with them before!”

Shades of Green Acres perhaps?

Source: BBC


  1. She’s awesome, absolutely loved her character in Extras. She’s been missed from Ugly Betty – so hopefully we’ll see her here sometime soon

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