Blemish on Bassey

Not often this site makes a point of saying you should actually avoid a TV show – but do not tune into Shirley Bassey: You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet on Saturday June 12th on the Bio channel.

The concert from 1985 is not a fair representation of Bassey’s work because of the pitiful quality of the film. It looks more like 1975.

It is scratchy, stretched and sped up. Bassey sounds like a Smurf in this thing.

Quite frankly it should not be put to air, let alone as an Australian Premiere in prime time at 8:30pm. It’s one thing for Bio to host a Cabaret month, but not if it’s going to be cheap filler like this.

After all, not only are subscribers paying for content, they’re paying extra for the Bio channel as part of a tier package.

Not good enough.

Glittering superstar Shirley Bassey captivated audiences on her world tour. This spectacular concert features her greatest hits as well as such classic songs as ‘I Am What I Am’, ‘Big Spender’ and ‘Send In The Clowns’.


  1. Neon Kitten

    Evil, you only have to look at the still image from the show on this page to see that it was shot on videotape. No speed-up is needed to convert it to PAL.

  2. Ovation were often guilty of running really old and crappy specials but hyped them up into something great – you are right David, Dame Shirley deserves better as do we! I had seen Bio’s ads for Cabaret month and was getting ready to circle the guide for the good ones!

  3. Can’t do much about the picture quality, but anything shot on film and displayed on Australian TV or DVD/VHS (but not Blu-Ray) is going to sound sped/pitched up, as a result of conversion from 24 to 25 frames per second.

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