Bumped: Australian Families of Crime

Australian Families of Crime make way for Jeremy Clarkson in Who Do You Think You Are?

It will be a big dose of Top Gear next week.

Nine will follow Top Gear with a Jeremy Clarkson episode of Who Do You Think You Are? (UK) at 9pm on Tuesday June 29.

Bold, brash and bouncy he may be, but when Top Gear guru Jeremy Clarkson first clapped eyes on his family tree, he was devastated to discover that most of his ancestors seem to have lived their lives decidedly in the slow lane.

That pushes the final episode of Australian Families of Crime next week to 10pm with “Blood Brothers – Murpheys, Murdoch And Travers.”

A Two and a Half Men episode planned for 9pm is out.

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  1. Thanks Craig, not sure if I saw that series or it’s so long ago I can’t remember but will watch it either way.
    WDYTYA Australia S2 are repeating on SBS at the moment if anyone needs a fix.
    I rang Ch 9 and was told that the week after the Jeremy ep there is the EJ Whitten match then they should resume with the US series the next week…will wait and see…

  2. @David Knox re knowns/unknowns.

    I agree there have been quite a few in the UK that aren’t familiar to us in Australia and it hasn’t mattered one bit, it’s all about the story that’s the fascinating part.

    I was wondering what happened to the rest of the US series…even it is has been Americanised and dramatised to the hilt…WDYTYA is one of my favourite programs.
    Do you know if they have plans to show these two eps eventually seeing we know they’re there from the promos?
    And is Jeremy a repeat? I don’t remember seeing his story unless it’s a really early one.

  3. First has Nine now bought the UK series or just this one episode?

    Also I find it discussing that Nine buys some shows and doesn’t air the whole series and the ones they shown are out of order, not that is matters a great deal for shows like Top Gear and WDYTYA?. I guess they might finish them over the next non rating period?

    Oh and do they thing we are idiots thinking the Jeremy Clarkson on is new and didn’t air on SBS 2 years ago!

    BTW I’m assuming the black thing was a joke…

  4. @David Knox, I reckon Nine didn’t show that last 2 eps was because of lack of recognition for the 2 celebrities rather than them being black. I’m sure if it was Will Smith or Denzel Washington or Halle Berry, it will be shown here.

    1. Spike Lee may not be Will Smith but he isn’t unknown. The show is generally so well produced that it isn’t necessarily the fame of the subject that is its best feature so much as the storytelling. Easy to get hooked into the drama (they also weren’t the last 2 eps, but they are the 2 that remain unaired).

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