Bumped: Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl fans you have been dudded yet again.

GO! has just announced the show is out tonight.


It will be replaced by ER at 10:35pm (which means a double ER from 9:30pm).

The show is apparently back next week at 10:35pm. At this stage….

Feel free to debate the logic, I’m over it…


  1. Why put the same show on one after the other when you could put 2 different shows on?? Which means 2 different viewers going to your channel GO rather then changing channels?

    I enjoy watching Gossip Girl and would like to be able to see it to the end, as anyone watching a show they like would say. How bout trying not to annoy the people watching shows your company is providing.

  2. People complained that Nine never played out all of ER so they put it on GO !, they are probably trying to burn off episodes to get rid of the series.

  3. Gossip girl would have to be the absolute worst show on t.v. It’s worse than the hills. But without them pretending it’s a reality show. Hopefully GO will see a ratings jump and dump this pathetic show.

  4. Isn’t go directed at the younger audience? Who the hell watches ER that fits those demographics?

    I feel sorry for gossip girl fans, truly.

  5. GO! should really be promoting Gossip Girl a lot more and should give it a more appropriate timeslot… like 8:30 or 9:30pm. 10:30 is just way too late!

  6. All I can say is thank god for the season pass on TiVo. This show gets rooted around so much that if I had to track it by hand I’d have to go part-time at work just to have enough time to keep up 😉

  7. Lets all look shocked now…

    I think more Gossip fans would have given up on Nine/GO! by now and gone else where, I’d rather buy the DVDs and PayTT than wait for them on FTA!

  8. Logic? What logic? Just like there was no logic last week when they advertised the second play of ER for 12.30am and then put it on at 12am – despite it’s own EPG advertising it at 12.30am.

  9. Gossip Girl is one of my fav shows on tv. i feel sorry for the poor people who have to watch it on GO!
    i know from experience, that theres no way anybody actually following the storyline would be able to wait a few weeks between eps to see whats gonna happen next!!
    GO! sucks

  10. Nine must be worried they’re going to loose the week; ER will provide that extra late night boost and share for Go!

    The whole intention of Digital channels were to have shows be able to be played out without the ratings propaganda. But Go is worse than any other network in this country with chop change scheduling every day of the week.

    Networks should be forced to report their network shares seperately with no combination allowed; I think Go, One, 7TWO should all be treated seperately rather than network offshoots; that way it would allow them to grow and build an audience of their own.

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