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Updated: Nine amendments affecting Top Gear, Who Do You Think You Are?, CSI, Cold Case, RBT and Send in the Dogs.

A number of changes from Nine….

On Tuesday June 29 Top Gear moves to 8:30pm with Who Do You Think You Are? at 10pm. Australian Families of Crime is out, set to return for a finale 10pm Tuesday July 6th (9:45pm Melbourne).

After this Sunday, RBT settles into its regular timeslot of 6:30pm Sundays, followed by Send in the the Dogs.

CSI will also become the Underbelly replacement from 8:30pm July 4th.

Cold Case has a series return from 9:30pm July 4th.

UPDATE: Two and a Half Men rpt 7:30pm Tue 29 followed by Under Surveillance: Australian Druglords at 8pm (also on July 6). The police meet up with a man code-named Tom who hands them a photo of him and his mate standing in front of $10 000 000 in cold hard cash. Tom is the kingpin’s right-hand man in a drug syndicate so sophisticated and secretive, police had no idea it even existed.

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  1. I for one will be watching Foreign Correspondent and Great Cities of the World over at ABC.At least We know they are new Fresh Programming.

    I remember the Nine of old back when it was the Home of Here’s Humphrey,The Channel Niners,Sale of the Century and for a short while in the early nineties the revived wonder world none of this crime show garbage or overdone repeats.what would kerry packer be thinking in his grave.

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