Carla Bonner quits Neighbours

Actress Carla Bonner is quitting Neighbours after 11 years playing fan favourite “Steph.”

Upon conclusion of her contract Bonner will depart for LA for a series of meetings and to take part in workshops with drama coach Irene Chubbyk. She will continue to be based in Melbourne with her two sons and partner.

But she won’t be killed off by Producers in case all the parties are keen for ‘Steph’ to make a soapie comeback.

Executive Producer, Susan Bower said, “I’m very sad that Carla is leaving us and she knows the door is always open for Steph to return to Ramsay Street.

“The storylines on-air and coming up showcase what an exceptional talent Carla is and while fans will be disappointed, I promise Steph’s farewell will be long remembered and will do the character proud.”

Erinsborough, of course, is famous for old faces returning including ‘Harold Bishop’, ‘Paul Robinson’ and her on-screen mum ‘Lyn Scully’ -to name a few.

Manager Jacinta Waters said, “Carla has had an amazing time on Neighbours, but after eleven incredible years has decided the time for a change has come. She will miss her all her colleagues in Erinsborough dearly.”

Last year Bonner told TV Tonight she was keen to explore possible film roles saying of her demanding schedule, “They’ve agreed to 8 weeks out to do something. You’ve got to have the right people supporting you I think. I love my job here don’t get me wrong, but I would love to be able to sink my teeth into something else as well.”

“Stephanie,” who has been pivotal to a key storyline this year, will remain on screen until the end of the year.


  1. Thank god shes leaving…and if she thinks she has a hope in hell making it in LA she should seriously think again……..!!! as an actress very average!!!

  2. I agree – Steph leaving is unfortunate, but Most importantly, they are not recasting her … the Worst actor on Neighbours is the replacement Declan. I can’t stand him – he is pathetic! Please get rid of the fake Declan!!!!

  3. They should kill off her character for dramatic effect. Won’t stop her returning to the show later on if she wants. Look what they did with Bobby Ewing on Dallas. Longest morning shower in television history!

  4. @alex
    The only characters in Home and Away’s entire run i can name are Sally and Alf, i didn’t even know who played Alf until the logies.

    Doesn’t mean H&A is a joke just means i don’t watch or care about it.

    Now if you actually watch neighbors and don’t know who the character is that says a lot more about you than it does the show.

  5. I really hope in 8 weeks time she’ll return as part of her storyline once the revelation is out, Ramsay Stret needs her! Carla, please stay!

    Oh No, what will happen to Lynnie?
    Steph will probably be replaced with 11 teens characters, each year she been in the show.

  6. I have to agree with others. I love Steph, she has been one of my favs for years. But… she went from being this awesome female character who showed it was ok for girls to be mechanics, to ride motorcycles and watch action movies/eat pizza with the guys while still being feminine – to being just one of the stereotypical “mums” on the show. The stupid pregnancy/toadie/lying to libby storyline doesn’t do her any favours either. So while I love Steph, I’m kinda glad she is going. Hopefully she will come back one day and be awesome again.

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