Cops complain about Nine factual

Australian Druglords has been repackaged and edited as Under Surveillance after complaints from NSW police officers it compromised undercover members.

Nine’s factual series Australian Druglords, which returns to screens tonight repackaged as Under Surveillance: Australian Druglords, is in the headlines today after complaints from NSW police officers that the show compromised the identities of undercover members.

The Daily Telegraph notes one complaints said while the faces of officers were blurred, their voices could be clearly heard and footage of their bodies could have made them identifiable.

While NSW Police Force media unit had signed off on the series hosted by Gary Sweet, it led to last-minute edits on the second episode about Olympic kayaker turned drug dealer Nathan Baggaley.

The Sydney Morning Herald also asked Nine if the new title was a consequence of legal action or poor ratings. SMH didn’t particularly indicate a clear response, but confirmed the title change for the nine-part series.

Remaining episodes, re-named Under Surveillance: Australian Drug Lords, have been re-edited to tone down police content and limit footage of police methodology. Much of this formed part of the show’s key access.

Southern Star Entertainment managing director Rory Callaghan confirmed the changes.

Source: Daily Telegraph, SMH

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  1. why bother commenting or even reading this article if you don’t like these sort of shows? its just like saying ‘it will get to the point where the public gets tired of sport’ yes the people who do not like sport, like myself. probably, actually will surely be tired of all the sport on Aussie tv, so i simply find something else to watch like police & crime factuals which i really like. On this topic, it was a pretty stupid oversight to sign off on the program without watching it first, presuming they didn’t seeing as it was too revealing.

  2. Here Here @Aaron! Turned on the telly the other night and saw a bloody show that follows the cops around breath testing people, I mean c’mon! What’s next?
    How do these shows keep getting ratings?

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