Doctor Who (holiday) course at NIDA

Doctor Who fans in Sydney, here’s one for you.

The National Institute of Dramatic Art is holding winter holiday courses on Who. Presumably the course is intended for kids -what happens if the real fans start enrolling?

Courses run over two weeks from 5 to 16 July:

WEEK ONE 5 – 9 July
Designing Doctor Who
Create a time machine to rival the TARDIS. Your work will be on display in the NIDA foyer.

Acting on Screen Adventures: Doctor Who
Identify and experience the essentials of screen acting as you work on scripts from the Doctor Who series.

Doctor Who Monster Hunt
The Doctor needs your help to track down the aliens wreaking havoc on planet Earth in 2060.

Film Making: Doctor Who on Location @ Cockatoo Island
Create your own Doctor Who episode using the landscape at Cockatoo Island as inspiration.

WEEK TWO 12 – 16 July
Acting on Screen: Doctor Who
Discover how to work with green screen technology, develop skills and film scene work to camera.

Create a Doctor Who Alien
Develop skills in costume design and create your own Doctor Who alien costume.

Flight of the TARDIS
Travel through time and space with the Doctor and open doors to new realities

Fantasy Landscape: Doctor Who
Create your own model landscape inspired by Doctor Who

You can check out more at NIDA’s website.


  1. That looks amazing! I want to go to Sydney so bad now. I just saw this funny video of a guy who may be almost as obsessed with Dr. Who as I am: I think you guys would appreciate it.

  2. Yes, what a wonderful course, something that I would have fought to get into when I was 17/18 … I even made my own Dr Who movie back then … we were so robbed during our youth without all these amazing opportunities!

  3. I agree Scott, while it’s good having Doctor Who, Star Trek and the others, there isn’t really any Australia sci-fi. Although you could argue Farscape was Australian but it had to co-produced with an American company. I reckon we’ll be long in our graves before we see a fully Australian sci-fi series in prime time, that isn’t aimed at young children, like Silversun was or The Girl From Tomorrow.

  4. I suppose the Klingon language classes cannot be too far away!

    Jokes aside, it is a savage indictment of the Australian television industry that we do not have a science fiction television series to call our own. Networks are under no obligation to show factuals, informercials or game shows, but they simply do not have the right in my view to not have a solid dramatic science fiction franchise that we can call our own.

    Money be damned, this is a social obligation if ever there was one.

  5. Madame Tango

    Lol shame they couldn’t use an Australian Sci-Fi show for this – oh hang on there isn’t one! Mind you nice to see Australians catching up with the rest of the world – a friend in Cardiff is currently studying Who at University (well the music of Who).

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