Elisabeth Hasselbeck v Kathy Griffin

The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck to Kathy Griffin: "You've said things about people here that A) untrue and B) not funny."

The View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who once turned on Rosie O’Donnell on air, was ice cold to guest Kathy Griffin this week.

While the acerbic Griffin was plugging My Life on the D-List, including a visit to Sarah Palin, Hasselbeck barely uttered a word throughout the 12 minute segment. After visibly yawning and stretching she interjected with a comment about Griffin’s stand-up act.

“You’ve said things about people here that A) untrue and B) not funny, so do you ever feel uncomfortable coming here?” she said.

Uh oh. You know who you’re messin’ with girlfriend?

You can see for yourself how things panned out -pick it up at around 4.30 mins.

And who says The View doesn’t cast for conflict?

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  1. Elizabeth is so gorgeous, but such a moron. Well that’s unfair, she sometimes is though. With her illogical, non thought out, non reality based view of the world she calls, “being a conservative.” Which is not being conservative but having a set of pre-defined opinions on things regardless of merit and a bunch of ignorance.
    Still, she is gorgeous.

    As Stan Smith said, “the pretty one is saying crazy things again”

  2. Watched it and it was really a non- issue.

    Elisabeth has a point though, if you’re going to make fun of people how can you justify it when you come on their show to promote something.

  3. Kathy is fantastic and she was on the view as their guest. Elisabeth is a ex Survivor contestant with a very deep right wing chip on her shoulder. How Barbara Walters ever gave her this gig is beyond me!

  4. Each time I watch The View I hope Elizabeth is on leave. I wish she would leave altogether. She would be without a doubt the worst person on television today.

  5. You could tell from start of interview that Elisabeth didnt like Kathy.Yes Elisabeth is free to have her views on Hot Topics ,thats what the show is mostly about people expressing that own views,but she was plain rude and unprofessional to Kathy who was a guest on show.She has to grow up and understand everyone has different views and Kathy is free to have her views.It was funny when Kathy said Bring it on,Elisabeth knew she had meet her match and shut up.Love Kathy shes balls!!!!!!

  6. griffin is the most “un-funny” person on tv. She is typical “shock” comedian. Talks about how much of a “shock” comedian is,about 99% of the time. And trying to shock the other 1%. @ja’mie you call hasselbeck a palin idoliser. griffen and baher spend all their time talking about palin. I think they are either jealous, in love or scared of her. And i’ve seen hasselbeck give it to the heavey wait odonnel. And come of on top. So i doubt she would have had a hard time with griffen.

  7. Love Kathy..she is such a good friend of Rosie O’Donnell, so that would irk Hasselbeck..go Kathy..How come all right wingers are so unfunny?..just loook at Fox News..the only person who is funny is Glen Beck and that is because he’s a lunatic and it is like watching a train wreck.Elizabeth has no sense of humour either and should nbe on Fox News

  8. Did you see the look in Elisabeth’s eyes when Kathy locked her steely gaze on her and said: “I live for these moments’? Total fear. She’d have more chance winning a fight against a rabid puma than Kathy.

    I’m just disappointed we didn’t get to delve further into that awkward moment. I would have loved to have seen Kathy take on Elisabeth in a debate…

  9. Elisabeth got owned!! So unprofessional and rude. Kathy knows what she gets herdelf into when she says those things and is prepared for the backlash.

    Elisabeth needs to get off TV if she cant stand people making jokes about her because that comes with the territiory. And she has 3 kids, what kind of example is that?

  10. I have no idea who any of these people are or what the eff they’re talking about but that snooty, pretty girl in red has a problem with the rude, pretty girl in the middle. Some jelly wrestling might be cathartic.

  11. Elisabitch suits her sometimes but generally she’s not too bad. I can’t stand her political views but for a right wing loony she’s not as bad as some. Still her attitude to Kathy was very unprofessional and rude.

  12. Is there anything that can be done about your YouTube embeds, David? They’re always wider than the column and run into the column with tags etc, and somehow this stops them from playing. I’m on a 13″ Macbook, so this might be part of the problem with the lack of screen real estate.

  13. I watched it today and it was obvious from the minute Kathy came on and did not give Elisabeth the warm greeting she gave the other ladies that things were icy. Elisabeth’s behaviour was rude and unprofessional. If Kathy makes fun of her in her role as a comedienne so what? If Elisabeth can’t take it she should not be putting herself and her narrow minded views on televison. She is lucky to have a job. No wonder Perez Hilton calls her “Elisabitch”.

  14. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is an incredibly biased, right wing, Sarah Palin idolising moron. Having said that, Kathy Griffin is a complete waste of space as well. I would have loved to see those girls rip each other apart.

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