Fans in shock at 4-0 Socceroos loss

Die-hard sports fans were in shock this morning after braving chilly conditions to watch the Socceroos play Germany live on big screens around the country.

The Aussies were defeated 4-0 by Germany in the FIFA World Cup match in Durban, South Africa.

Coinciding with a public holiday, there were 20,000 onlookers at Sydney’s big screens at Darling Harbour. Event organisers were forced to turn away hundreds of fans after the main precinct and the nearby Tumbalong Park reached capacity at 2am. Hundreds of Australian fans staged a walkout after Germany scored its third goal.

Another 15,000 watched at Melbourne’s Birrarung Marr site. Some hotels were also granted approval to stay open for the game, while cinemas across the city hosted special 3D screenings. Fans have vowed to show their support in droves again despite the Socceroos’ loss.

Full coverage of the World Cup resumes tonight on SBS.

Source: Daily Telegraph Herald Sun,


  1. Hate to say it but us Aussies are fair weather supporters only. We all love to see winners but critizes when don’t win.

    The extensive coverage of the Socceroos have brought in a lot of viewers who don’t really understand the history of the game or the make up of the Socceroos. This is a double edge sword because it’s good for football to get this exposure but bad because there is too much expectation for a team that true supporters know is ageing, no strikers and to be honest no hope in hell of winning the World Cup or really making an impact in 2010.

  2. @will. ….. Noooo! American football is awesome dude! Seriously. So much if this is just marketing n hype. They can make anything “interesting” – least for short term. Won’t be on radar till next wc n it’s bandwagon tme again

  3. also agree about the horns it is like this constant buzzing/hum that annoys me so much that i can’t stand to watch for very long. the players must have that noise ringing in their ears for hours. can’t they just leave it to when there is a goal or something instead of contantly throughout the whole game.

  4. Most people expected us to lose but the manner in which we lost was depressing to watch. It was just so messy. Ouch! I hope we can salvage something against Ghana. And can Craig Foster pleeeaaseee not make any more predictions.

    As an aside, I don’t understand why fans of other codes are so freaked out by the idea of people watching and enjoying the World Cup. Lots of people like it and it rates really well. Why does is that upsetting? They say they have no interest in football/soccer but at the same time seem completely obsessed with it. Very weird.

  5. Madame Tango

    Our local club are watching it at the local hotel – they are putting on hotchocolate and soup!! You’d be worried if you were an SBS executive wouldn’t you?? Come on Socceroos!!

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