Gallery: So long, Jack Bauer

24‘s last ever episode will air in Australia on Tuesday.

There is so much one could say about this drama: it’s combination of action and drama, trust nobody but Jack and Chloe, split-screen parallel stories, real-time narrative, the first African-American TV president, television’s response to the war on terror, corruption in the Oval Office, cliffhangers and twists, villains amongst us, and never time for a cup of coffee….

But the pictures do it so much better.

24 ends with a double episode 8:30pm Tuesday on 7TWO.



  1. This is one show I am so going to miss. Yes, it could get repeitive regarding story arcs but I never missed an episode. I can’t believe that eight seasons passed by so quickly. I think the series ending was a little sad. Jack will forever be on the run and not be with his family. A loner forever.

  2. Defining television series for me, I was about 17 when this started and Season 1 was one of the first DVD box sets I ever bought… its been an amazing ride, but the mark its left on television narrative has been all the more impressive.

  3. I only ever watched S4 religiously. I know people don’t like S4 but i found it to be edge of your seat drama. But then, the superb support cast really held it together well.

  4. Agree with brisvegas. The final season started out fairly slowly, and I’d go as far to say that the first half of the season was a bit of a yawn, but it has been storming home in spectacularly classic fashion.

    Secret Squirrel – Seasons 3 and 4 were fairly ordinary, but S5 was absolutely superb. If you reckon you could get another season into you, that’d be my pick.. Atlhough the second half of S8 has been so good that I’d say it helps elevate the finale season from average to pretty good.

  5. Britney Spears fan

    omg david could you please do the same with ugly betty or something like this thats went for 4 years too and it was such a good show i loved to see some pics from the wrap up party or the last few years pleaseeee david it would make me soo happy please?

  6. Since 7 very stupidly didn’t renew their supply deal with Fox (that Ten took up,
    thus getting the Modern Family, Glee, Lie to Me shows), this means 7’s only
    Fox shows they now still have new eps of, are cartoon shows Am Dad and Family Guy and Bones.

  7. Did you know because of the weirdness in the digital clock font with the “1” being narrower than all the other digits, you never saw the on-screen clock (at least the big one you see in and out of commercial breaks) tick from 0 to 1 or 1 to 2. When there is a 1 in the actual time, the space the 1 digit takes up is narrowed so the time is squashed together. Not sure if this is true for early seasons, but at least the last 4 or 5 seasons it never happened. That is until the final moments of the series finale… as you’ll see.

  8. its been a great ride. looking at those picture made me laugh for some reason (hairy face Jack? ha! who could forget).

    i’ve stuck to this show throughout its years even when during the very late time slot days. it was worth it

    season 5 was top tier, season 6 not so much. The rest of the seasons were great.

    • Agree some seasons were not hitting the mark. S5 with President Logan was ripping stuff. No wonder they brought him back. This season slumped in the middle but the lead up to the climax has been fun.

  9. Secret Squïrrel

    David, I’m glad you thought it was worthwhile staying for the long haul but for me the experience was a bit like with Big Brother. The first series was something completely new and original – I really enjoyed the ride. The second was more of the same but was still sufficiently fresh, however, by the time the third series came around I didn’t want to watch any more.

    Plus, I much prefer his dad over Kiefer.

  10. I’m gonna miss 24 very much! The thrilling stories, the awesome shoot-outs, bad-ass Jack moments, Chloe’s quirkiness, lol.
    It’s a shame no other show can match the high level of intensity this one had.

    Jack can finally have his cup of coffee and relax 🙂

  11. What? No pics of Nina Myers? Tsk tsk tsk! lol

    I’m actually heartbroken this episode is going to be the last one. I wish the first 3/4 of the season was more like the last 1/4 – which I have enjoyed immensely – they’ve been ‘classic’ 24. Infact, I wish they made the last few seasons like the last few episodes of this season.

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